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Native Groups Sue MMS Over Chukchi Sea Lease Sale, Elders Resolution Prompts Region-wide Lawsuit
Native Network, a project of the Indigenous Environmental Network filed a lawsuit to fight the Chukchi Sea Lease Sale 193. Minerals Management Service (MMS) plans to hold the lease sale on February ... the Inupiat and their subsistence rights which are threatened by proposed offshore development in the Chukchi Sea. The Inupiat right to continue their way of life as they have for generations should ...

ECO-PROS Oceans and Seas
Sea Baffin Bay Chukchi Sea Gulf of Saint Lawrence Savu Sea Bali Sea Coral Sea Hudson Bay Sea of Japan Baltic Sea East China Sea Kara Sea Sea of Okhotsk Banda Sea East Siberian Sea Laptev Sea South China Sea Barents Sea Flores Sea Macassar Strait Sulu Sea ...

SCS: Bearded Seal (Erignathus barbatus)
E. barbatus barbatus subspecies is found in the western Laptev Sea, Barents Sea and north Atlantic Ocean as far south as the Gulf of ... extraction in many parts of the species' range, particularly in the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas, may cause disturbance to bearded seals as ... White and Kara Seas to the northern Barents Sea and from the Bering Sea to the Chukchi Sea. In other areas such as the Laptev, ...

SCS: Ribbon Seal (Phoca fasciata)
Ocean, mostly in the Bering and Okhotsk Seas but also seasonally in the Chukchi Sea, western Beaufort Sea and northern Sea of Japan. One wandering ribbon seal was reported from California. Very little research ... and have been observed in the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas. It has been suggested however that most of the seals, including those from the Okhotsk Sea, become pelagic near the edge of ... More from this site

NRDC: 2006 Annual Report - Saving Endangered Wildlife and Wild Places
Alaska's Beaufort sea would cause at least one oil spill -- a spill that could ... face of alarming new scientific data on the rapid decline in Arctic sea ice, NRDC mobilized hundreds of thousands of activists to urge the ... and gas lease sale in critical polar bear habitat in the Chukchi Sea, off the coast of northwest Alaska. If the polar bear is ...

2008 Congressional Testimony -- Minerals Management Service (MMS)
... on Energy Independence and Global Warming Oversight Hearing on Polar Bear Habitat Loss and the Chukchi Sea Outer Continental Shelf Lease Sale (37 KB; Jan 17, 2008)

News Release Archive - Alaska Region
Proposal for Next Federal Beaufort Sea Lease Sale October 18 MMS to hold Public Hearings on Proposed Chukchi Sea Draft EIS June 22 MMS Issues Seismic Permits for Chukchi Sea March 7 Village of Kaktovic ... Russian Proposal for Simultaneous Oil and Gas Lease Sale in Chukchi Sea and Hope Basin March 18 Sale 144 Beaufort Sea and Sale 148 Chukchi Sea Scoping Meeting March 18 MMS to Hold Scoping Meetings ... More from this site

WWF Global 200 Ecoregions -- Bering Sea
Where can a bear walk on water? In the Bering Sea ecoregion, where the sea freezes into an ice pack the size of California ... the planet. Special Features Some sheltered lagoons in the Bering-Beaufort-Chukchi Seas ecoregion are shallow and warm enough to support forests of ... nests. Bald eagles and Stellarís sea eagles nest in trees and hunt salmon -- the Bering-Beaufort-Chukchi Sea is home to one of the ...

Oak Foundation: Marine Environment Bering Sea and North Pacific
Key geographical areas: Gulf of Alaska, the Bering Sea, the Beaufort Sea and the Chukchi Sea High priority areas: 1. To build resilience through sustainable use initiatives that ... years) The Nature Conservancy To advance coastal and marine conservation in Alaska's Bering, Chukchi and Beaufort Seas by developing market-based methods to reduce the impact of the ...

Gray Whale - Aquatic Mammal - The Gray Whale
Arctic Ocean (northwest of Alaska in the Chukchi Sea) to the Baja peninsula off Mexico, and back each year. They travel about 12,500 ... Wikipedia Ľ CommentSubscribe Planet Earth Popular Articles Bengal Tiger Snow Leopard Oak Tree Grand Canyon Green Sea Turtle Harp Seal Niagara Falls Angel Falls You may also like... Right Whale Whales are ...

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