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Boycott Woodchipping Campaign, North Corporate Profile
North's private land, the remaining 15% coming from the surrounding Circular Head district. With plans for processing 1.25 million tonnes of woodchips at full capacity - subject ...

Boycott Woodchipping Campaign Manual - Timber Industry
In the week before the 1993 Federal election things were running hot in Circular Head. There had been a public meeting of 200 people supporting the timber industry, featuring ... without detonators, was discovered on a railway line near the Wiltshire Junction log yard at Circular Head with a banner stating "Earth First Save the Tarkine". Gullible newspapers had a wonderful time ... More from this site

Equity Watch - Global Environmental Government Unit - Centre for Science and Environment (CSE)
He had received a government circular that asked him to prevent people from keeping animals. "How do I do this?" he ... that they can grow trees, anymore than they can grow food, they really need their head examined. Here is an opportunity: use the labour of the poor to grow trees and ...

Vision and Mission :: IZE
This represented the moon shining ... through the jumble of giraffe legs in front of him and then slowly raised his head in complete awe. "I never realized they were soooooo big….," he said in genuine wonderment ...

President :: Board Members :: IZE
Editor and Vice President before becoming the President. He is the Head of Education at the Chester Zoo, the most visited zoo in the ... and erecting a huge black sheet in the porcupine enclosure with a circular hole cut out through which a bright light was beamed. This ... of giraffe legs in front of him and then slowly raised his head in complete awe. "I never realized they were soooooo big….," he ... More from this site

Common Infant Problems: rashes - Keep Kids Healthy
Miliaria is most common on the head, neck, upper chest and in skin folds and is due to ... grouped on any skin surface, but are usually located on the head, neck and diaper area. Treatment is not required and this type ... other keratolytic creams. ringworm (tinea corporis): a fungal infection that causes circular or annular shaped, red scaly patches with clear centers. It is ...

Bicycle Fixation: The Curious Case of the Fifty-Dollar Bicycle
Look" (I didn't see anything but Rick nodded sagely.) The consensus was that the person who originally milled this piece had done a poor job. Steve shook his head ... split! With growing discomfort I inspected the entire head tube. Indeed, hairline fractures at the top and bottom, ... to ISO standards, was just too big for the head tube, sized to JIS standards. Forcing the installation ...

Annandale on the Web - A Self Guided Walk from Annandale to Circular Quay, Sydney
CSS | Check HTML Self Guided Walks A Wander through Annandale | Annandale to Circular Quay | Scenes from Walks Annandale to Circular Quay, Sydney The walk from Annandale Post office to Ferry Road Glebe ... the North West corner of the intersection Booth and Collins St. From the Post office head north towards the Petrol Station and continue along Johnston St, past the Annandale North Primary ...

Roedean Caf to Rottingdean circular
Ocean - Sussex Coastal Walks - Tidal Predictor - Walking the talk of the Land - Ocean ... . Autumn Lady Tresses orchids growing near Roedean Cafe Roedean Caf to Rottingdean circular This is a walk of 4-5 miles, which can easily be ... buildings dominating the skyline to the east. See story of Roedean School. Head eastwards, towards the school. Where Roedean Way turns north at the corner ...

Fairlight Circular
Circular riverOcean - Sussex Coastal Walks - Tidal Predictor - Walking the talk of the Land - ... Dripping Well Lambs and spring gorse South west from North's Seat Fairlight Circular walk This is a 5 mile walk with stunning land and sea views. ... of Hastings. He was commander of the revenue cutter that cruised between Beachy Head and Dungeness Point. Miss Boys' family objected to the romance, even though ... More from this site

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