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Script of the City Council Meeting
Script of the City Council Meeting Script of the City Council Meeting Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 (Acrobat Reader is needed to read these files.)

Arcata, California city council proclamation against war on Iraq
Press Releases APM Links Long Distance NO WAR! Arcata, California City Council proclaims to U.S. government Read the Arcata City Council's proclamation against war on Iraq, passed Oct. 16th, 2002. ... , the Arcata City Council has held a town hall meeting in which citizens overwhelmingly asked the City Council to pass a proclamation opposed to war with Iraq; and WHEREAS, the City Council cannot speak ...

Arcata, California city council proclamation limiting greenhouse gas emissions
Pledge for Climate Protection and learn about the Global Warming Crisis Council. SEI hometown action! Arcata city council's proclamation against war on Iraq and Kyoto Protocol proclamation. ... Releases APM Links Long Distance Arcata, California city council proclamation: We must limit greenhouse gas emissions now! Here is the Arcata city council's August 2, 2000 proclamation calling for ... More from this site

LA City Council Awards Public Works Graphic Designer
Angeles River. The ceremony was held at the City Hall rotunda, and awardees were again honored later in the City Council Chambers during the City Council meeting. In the category of "Public Employee," ... was City Engineer Gary Lee Moore, for his leadership in the Los Angeles River City department task force which is comprised of members from the Mayor’s Office, City Council offices, and various City ...

NWS03: City to Seek Outside Aid for Wetlands
In a Monday night briefing before the City Council, city staff members said they are investigating the possibility of seeking a ... upland property and creating a wetlands area on the new site. Council members said they are willing to consider spending city money to complete the replacement but, as Councilman Rob Bennett pointed ...

NWS04: Council Decides to Delay Urban Renewal Decision
Eugene City Council delayed action Wednesday on whether to okay a new urban renewal district to help Spectra-Physics pay for creating new wetlands. Councilwoman Emily Schue urged the council to hold ... the May vote. City Manager Mike Gleason said he still would like the council to consider the new urban renewal district, perhaps within four months. In the meantime, the council on Wednesday ... More from this site

City of Portland, Oregon
City Council Agenda Apply for a Job with the City Find a Carpooling Partner Find Affordable Housing Apply for a Business License Get Online Maps and Data Join a City Board/Commission Receive City ... member to receive additional news & benefits Connect to Your City Council Council agenda, videos of meetings, how to testify, which Council member is responsible for what, and more! PortlandOnline Survey ...

Council Vote for Public Hearing
Council Vote for Public Hearing Essential Action PHILADELPHIA CITY COUNCIL VOTES UNANIMOUSLY TO HOLD PUBLIC HEARING/INVESTIGATION Text of the resolution introduced by Philadelphia Council member David Cohen, November 19, 1998 and passed with a unanimous vote by all Council ...

Schumacher UK Council Members
Ceelia Beeson Schumacher UK Members' Representative Works for the Bristol City Council's Sustainable City Team Simon Cooper Simon Cooper is group public affairs director of the ... resolution and peace through economic and social developement. She has served on the executive council of over 25 organisations, including the Centre for International Peace Building, the New ...

Council of World Cities and Towns
Sister City Program, which the Earth Trustee program could strengthen and support. The Council will seek to inspire loyalty through the ... information and help can be obtained. INTERNATIONAL HARMONIZING COUNCIL The World Council of Cities and Towns will form an International Harmonizing Council which will be comprised of world humanitarians, scientists ...

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