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Clothes Washers - Energy Choices at the Home
If you use your clothes washer frequently, consider purchasing a high-efficiency, low-water-use clothes washer. Because washers are most efficient when they are fully loaded, you should match the size of the washer ...

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Clothes Washers Interactive product list - Clothes Washers Tips for choosing an efficient clothes washer Saving energy when using a clothes washer Requirements for clothes washers - energy labelling Preface from AS/NZS2040: Clothes ...

Energy Labelling - Choosing an efficient clothes washer
Glossary Links Site Map Search Tips for choosing an efficient clothes washer More than 95% of households in Australia own a clothes washer. Clothes washers are used on average about 7 times per week ... be energy savings as well. Saving Energy when using a clothes washer Show me the award winning clothes washers Show me all the clothes washers that are on the market This page last modified ... More from this site

Water Conservation in the Great Lakes Region
Sweden. High Efficiency Clothes Washers Laundrywise: Apartment Common Area Laundry Rooms Save Water Presents the benefits ... includes information on the following programs: toilet exchange, toilet rebate, high efficiency clothes washer rebate, residential landscape seminars, and professional landscape training classes. Waste Not, Want ... :: The Online Rainwater Harvesting Community
Run your washing machine and dishwasher only when they are full If buying a new clothes washer, buy a front loading low-water use model When it is yellow let it mellow ...

Jody Drew - Home-Made Water :: The Online Rainwater Harvesting Community
Low-water use clothes washer · 1.6 gallon (6 liter) toilet · No dishwasher · Submerged pump house ... More from this site

Clothes Dryers - Energy Choices at the Home
CLOTHES DRYERS Of course, one of the cheapest means of drying clothes uses no appliance what-so-ever. The simple clothes line and clothes ... machine when the clothes are dry. If your clothes washer has spin options, choose a high spin speed or extended spin option to reduce the amount of remaining moisture, thus starting the drying process before you put your clothes ...

Solid Waste District, Cuyahoga County of Ohio - Education Programs
Milk jug Detergent bottle Motor oil Glass jar Glass jug Glass bottle Tire Stove Clothes washer Corrugated cardboard Cuyahoga CountySolid Waste District 323 Lakeside Ave W, Suite 400 Cleveland, Ohio 44113 ...

DayCreek Journal - May 23, 2004
Although this may not seem very exciting, it most certainly was for me. It was ...

ManyTracks - The Venerable Wringer Washer
It was a nice setup, though we had to haul ... 12 volt battery system, powered by solar panels, the speed of the washer depends on the voltage of our batteries. So I wash when it ... we heat with wood we much appreciate the added humidity from the drying clothes. After much experience in replacing buttons, I came up with a technique ...

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