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Oil Water Separators and Separation Systems Operational Theory
The coalescing concept is based on having a large surface area in contact with the waste stream (coalescing plates). The more surface area provided, the more enhanced the separation process will typically be. By using the coalescing media, the size of the ...

Heavy Equipment Pre-wash System
HD Q-PAC Coalescing Plates containing a minimum of 132 square feet per cubic foot of effective coalescing area. The plates needle like elements shall be at 90 ... polypropylene coalescing plates shall be crossflow perpendicular to the vertical plate elements such that all 132 square feet/cubic foot of coalescing area is available for contact with rising oil. The plates ...

Below Ground Oil Water Separators
Temperature pH of the water Performance Standards Design utilizes patented, revolutionary, non- plugging coalescing plates with 132 square feet per cubic foot of usable surface area that will ... Models with Grit chamber for solids removal prior to coalescing compartment Models with effluent pump out chamber after coalescing compartment Models with oil stop valve to retain lighter ... More from this site

McTighe Oil-Water Separators
The Royal Dutch Shell principle of multiple parallel plates. The McTighe "Petro-Pak" technology of enhanced oil coalescing through the use of oleophilic polypropylene media. Operations The McTighe ... separation begins as the influent is directed between an inclined arrangement of corrugated parallel plates, stacked at an upward sloping 45 degree angle, and spaced 4 inches apart to ...

McTighe Oil-Water Separators
The Royal Dutch Shell principle of multiple corrugated plates. • The McTighe Industries Petro Pak™ technology of enhanced coalescing through the use of oleophilic media • American Petroleum Institute ... , the patented McTighe Industries oil-water separator incorporates an inclined arrangement of corrugated plates stacked upwards at a 45 degree angle and adequately spaced to prevent plugging ... More from this site

By using coalescing incline plates, the rise of an oil droplet can be reduced to 1/4" until it hits the upper surface of the plates ... oil droplet sizes and rise time incline plates. In addition to incline plate coalescing separation, RGF utilizes a micro matrix ...

PSI Separator Design, Construction and Maintenance  (605) 332-1885
PSI oil-water separators utilize multiple corrugated parallel plates, which have a proven track record for coalescing oil particles. Separator Models PS and PSR will produce a free ... to be easy to maintain and service. This is why the PSI separator includes corrugated plates inclined upwards at a 45º angle to prevent sludge build-up. The sludge baffle in ...

Pollution Control Systems, Inc. :: Oil/water separators, gravity separators
Reader and the Microsoft Word Reader for the downloadable documents. Oil Coalescing Separator Specifications [PDF; MSWord] Oil Coalescing Separator Drawings OCS-1 and OCS-2 [PDF] INTRODUCTION Increasingly ... an oil droplet must travel before it reaches a collection surface. The coalescence plates are constructed of materials that are hydrophobic (water repelling) and oleophilic (oil attracting). ...

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