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California Coastal Commission Shoreline Public Access Program
Coastal Access Guide Carbon Beach Public Access Easement Graphics (Improved) Broad Beach Public Access Easement Graphics Orange County Beach Access Map Coastal Trail Beach Wheelchairs Commission Programs Home Page Coastal Access Program California Coastal Act ...

California Coastal Commission: Local Coastal Programs
Coastal Act goals and policies. Following adoption by a city council or county board of supervisors, an LCP is submitted to the Coastal Commission for review for consistency with Coastal Act requirements. Many of the 74 coastal counties and cities have elected to divide their coastal zone jurisdictions into separate ... More from this site

Coastal panel pick becoming political saga
Los Angeles, couldn't make up his mind within the 30 days allotted under the Coastal Act. He has extended the deadline by six weeks, as the law allows. This means San ... actions and words, demonstrate the strongest commitment to implementing the letter and spirit of the Coastal Act," said Linda Sheehan, executive director of the California Coastkeeper Alliance. In contrast, environmentalists in the ...

Coastal development - EPA/QPWS
Coastal hazards - storm tide inundation Coastal management districts Erosion prone areas Excluded work Exemption Certificates under the Coastal Act Buildings seaward of a coastal building line Coastal building lines Development on coastal ...

California Coastal Conservancy
California's Coastal Act, the San Francisco Bay Plan, and the San Francisco Bay Area Conservancy. Public ... urban waterfront program provides capital funds and technical assistance to protect, restore and expand coastal-dependent recreational, commercial and industrial facilities and to expand opportunities for public access ...

Coastal Program
Coastal Wetlands Conservation Grants National Coastal Wetlands Conservation Grants are awarded each year to coastal States for the acquisition, restoration, or enhancement of coastal wetland ecosystems. Coastal Barriers Resources System In the Coastal ... Species Act. The Service's Coastal Program is working to avoid further species declines by enhancing the agency's efforts within the Nation's coastal ...

National Coastal Wetlands Conservation Grant Program
National Coastal Wetlands Conservation Grant Program The National Coastal Wetlands Conservation Grant Program was established by Title III of P.L. 101-646, Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection and Restoration Act ... provides matching grants to States for acquisition, restoration, management or enhancement of coastal wetlands. The Act also establishes a role for the Fish and Wildlife Service in ... More from this site

Coastal Zone Wetland Permits
Resources (DMR) is the point of contact in Mississippi for wetland permits in the Mississippi Coastal Zone, which includes the counties of Hancock, Harrison and Jackson. Under a Memorandum of Agreement ... feet of their property) Agent authorization (required when you want someone to act as your agent in obtaining a permit) Coastal Marina Screening Checklist * These files are in Adobe® PDF form. If ...

Coastal Preserves Program
Coastal Preserves Bureau Coastal Preserves The Mississippi Department of Marine Resources (DMR) Coastal Preserves Program was developed in 1992 by authority of the Wetlands Protection Act. The Coastal Preserves Programs objective is to acquire, protect, and manage sensitive coastal ... More from this site

Evaluation of coastal, estuarine and marine outcomes of regional investment
Principles and policies A-Z list Funded projects NSW Vic Qld SA WA Tas NT ACT Data, maps and research Atlases Spatial data Reporting tools Managing data Monitoring and evaluation Setting ... Pty. Ltd., June 2006 ISBN: 0642 55242 8 PDF file Evaluation of coastal, estuarine and marine outcomes of regional investment (coastal-estuarine-marine.pdf - 2410 KB) About this document SMEC Australia has ...

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