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cob building
cob building home topics factsheets books courses shop forum links more contact topics cob building books courses forum – ask questions & chat to people about cob and other building / shelter topics links to relevant websites want a cob oven or bench? related topics earth ovens natural plasters & renders rammed earth building other building topics

[Cob] Fwd: water supply
Ocean > > On Dec 29, 2007, at 5:53 PM, Sarah Booth wrote: > > > > > It's been a long time since I've updated this group on my husband > > and my cob cottage building project in Corvallis Oregon. The re- > > cap; fall 2005-fall 2006 we spent building the walls of a sweet 200 > > (interior) square foot cob cottage which we intended ...

Green Home Building: Natural Building Techniques: Cob
Click on image to buy from Building With Cob: A Step-by-step Guide by Adam Weismann, Katy Bryce, 2006. Cob building uses a simple mixture of clay subsoil, ... cob creation. features information about cobbing, with photos, articles, courses, links, etc. in the UK. some nice pictures of cobworks. this forum specific to cob building ...

Green Home Building: Vernacular Architecture: Europe
About Us Vernacular Architecture Bulletin Board STORE & Posters Building Codes Blog Natural Building Ask the Experts Environment Building Components Vernacular Architecture N. America S. America Europe ... interest in continuing to practice European vernacular architecture, especially rammed earth and cob building. Natural building in general is gaining adherents in Europe. POSTERS BOOKS LINKS ... More from this site

Natural Building Colloquium
We have found it takes many forms. Oregon cob building, a process that incorporates building as a meditation, gives the natural builder direct physical contact with the Earth ... Building Colloquium in Oregon in 1994. Linda and her husband and partner in Cob Cottage, Ianto Evans, live in a heart-shaped cob cottage in the Oregon rain forest. Linda Smiley The Cob ...

Natural Building Colloquium
The carefully regulated geometry and scale of Oregon Cob ... More from this site

The Hand-Sculpted House: how to build a cob cottage
Top ^ | Introduction | Excerpt | Table of contents Excerpt: Building a Cob Cottage Step-by-Step excerpted from Part II: Building the Cob Cottage EVERY COB BUILDING ... FOR A COB BUILDING Interview: Eric Hoel's House Chapter 6: Designing with Cob The Box Police WHEN THE MATERIALS DESIGN THE HOME A Currency of Pennies Cob's Natural ...

Cob Workshop Gallery
Cob Workshop Gallery Home | Products | Ecological systems design | Water central | Grey water central | Shopping cart Ecological ... > Cob Workshop Gallery Cob Workshop Gallery Summary: Photos from cob workshop with Linda Smiley and Ianto Evans of Cob Cottage Company See also The Hand Scuplted House: A Practical and Philosophical Guide to Building a Cob ... More from this site

[Cob] Douglas county info needed (and Josephine)
Cob-averse? - Any direct experience with the planning department, permits, building (especially with cob, of course). - Aware of anyone in the area building with cob? Building ...

EcoSpeakers Books - Green Building, Materials & Design
Dan Chiras. An overview of the pros and cons of fourteen natural building methods. Includes straw bale, rammed earth, cob, cordwood, adobe, earthbags, papercrete, and more. The common goal is to ... role of LEED in green building projects. More... | Jerry Yudelson EcoSpeakers Info >> The Natural Plaster Book. By Dan Chiras. For builders of natural homes (straw bale, cob, adobe, rammed earth, and ...

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