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Eugene Permaculture Guild - Eugene Oregon
The Permaculture News Newsletter of the Eugene Permaculture Guild Eugene, Oregon Fall 2002 Greetings From the Editor Hello, and thank you to everyone who helped or contributed to this ... was excerpted from “The Hand-Sculpted House:  A Practical and Philosophical Guide to Building a Cob Cottage,” a new book by Ianto Evans, Michael G. Smith, and Linda Smiley.  The book ...

The Coblist 2001 Archive by thread
Cob: greetings all! nigella1 Cob: trimming furry walls Charmaine R Taylor Cob: Cob and Technology Gregori Robinson Cob: Cob and Technology Jason Gross Cob: greetings all! Shannon C. Dealy Cob: Re: greetings all! John Hall Cob: Structural integrety Gregori Robinson Cob ...

The Coblist 2001 Archive by subject
Cob: Glass Blocks/Bricks kathryn marsh Cob: good idea Roxboro Yurt Cob: good idea Charmaine R Taylor Cob: Green Information on the Web Debra Lombard Cob: greenhouse start storm Cob: greetings all! nigella1 Cob: greetings all! Shannon C. Dealy Cob ... More from this site

Eco Tips: Environmental Tips Green Living Guide for Individuals
Vintage Timber Works cob -- three sites to check out: Cob, Cob Cottage, and EcoBusiness-Cob Building Resources composite decking -- The Latest Trend in Decking Bulk ... alternative to standard greeting cards, look into sending electronic greeting cards (check out tree e-greetings to plant a tree with each e-card) or making your own from waste paper ...

Green Home Building: Build to Last Questions and Answers
Greetings, it's interesting to note all of the inquires I've had with this project ... considered independently as to how best to approach it. For instance, using earthbags, adobe, or cob in this regard, presents the problem of how to put these thermal mass materials inside ...

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