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PSC: Data Services: In-house Data Utilities: extract
Command File - Data and Output parameters: This describes the parameters that define the data (including subfiles) and the output files. Command File - Variable and Case ... conserve space), the delimiter should be "none." Delimiter: Comma V. Command File (Variable and Case Selection) The command file has several parts. The previous section described the data and output ...

PSC: Data Services: Running SAS (in batch mode)
SAS (in batch mode) To run a SAS job: sas filename & where filename is the command file. SAS will run in the background (indicated by '&') allowing the user to do other tasks ... is printed to a file named filename.lst. The log is printed to a file named filename.log. SAS can also read compressed data. The format for the command file is: FILENAME INCEN90 PIPE ... More from this site

COPA - PCBs and Superfund in Bloomington, Indiana
(This keeps the mail server from getting confused and sending you a help file.) To send a message to the ... not send subscribe and unsubscribe messages to, as this sends your command message to everyone on the list, and does not effect your un/subscription.) Warning! Eat ...

ETI BioInformatics - New features in Linnaeus II
File commands (e.g. 'Open Identify File', 'Save Identify File') have been moved to the File menu, while the commands Search Unknowns, Add Unknowns and Remove Unknowns have been replaced by a single command, Include ... links in the format 'author (year)' as well. Verify Multimedia Files is a new command in the File menu that allows you to check whether all linked multimedia files can be found ...

ETI BioInformatics - Windows downloads
Port Multimedia Files command lets you generate a folder with cross-platform multimedia and identify ... that prevents the birds from singing. Replace the old TBKMM.SBK file (in C:\ETI\BIRDS) with this update. Checklist Plantennamen 1.1 ... 1 that occurs when enlarging pictures. Replace the old TIFFS.DLL file (in C:\ETI\VOGEL) with this update. The problem has ... More from this site

Terms Beginning With "I"
Incident Command System (ICS): The organizational arrangement wherein one person, normally the Fire Chief of the ... EPA to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for approval. Information File: In the Superfund program, a file that contains accurate, up-to-date documents on a Superfund site. ...

Help; IDnature Guides; Global Mapper; 20q; 20m
XML file, or files, if the first file uses tags. Characters -- for scoring character-states. ... text files To import information into 20q from a text file, the text file needs a header line followed by a line for ... into the 4 lower resolutions with the a single command, "build_images all". Fields in file names While guide builders may link images into ...

Building Web Pages -- HTML Commands
WebWeaver or using the "Save as..." command of some Word Processors. Manually, using a Word Processor or ... used in pairs. For example, the starting command , for bold, is paired with the ending command . As a convention, you should add ".html" as the extension to files that are html files. For example, if you have a file ... More from this site

FAQ: HEAR-sponsored e-lists
University of ... FORMAT with a BLANK SUBJECT LINE and BLANK E-MAIL BODY other than the LISTSERV command. It is customary to send a message of introduction to the list immediately after you ...

Frequently Asked Queries
NT) within an MS-DOS or Command Line window. BACK Downloading the HGSYSTEM programmes In order to ... the self-extracting archive using the following command COPY C:\TEMP\hgs_v30 C:\HGSYSTEM assuming that the file was downloaded into COPY C:\TEMP ... can be found under settings | control panel | system | enviroment. A new command window will need to be spawned for the changes to take ...

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