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The Raptor Foundation May 2003 Newsletter
How You Can Help Our Birds Meet Our Owls Meet Our Buzzards Meet Our Falcons Species List & Gallery In Memoriam New Arrivals Arrived ... a complete surprise to be told I was flying one of the Common Buzzards on the first display (You can fly Jill, oh, by the ... the longer term residents, Fred, Lucky, Boo, Henry, Leo, the Hawks, Buzzards, Vinny, Barnie Town, Tawny City, Squeak and not forgetting Inca who ...

The Raptor Foundation - Common Buzzard
Conservancy run one. The main threat to Common Buzzards in this country is still illegal killing, both by shooting & poisoning. The preferred habitat of Common Buzzards is open countryside with small areas of woodland ... buzzards. It is not unusual for groups of buzzards to do this at the same time in a single field, there have been reports of up to 40 buzzards in a single field. Common Buzzards ... More from this site

Recent records
Europa foreshore. 15 Nov: Two Common Buzzards were seen over the Rock. At least ten Common Starlings were present with Spotless Starlings in the Gibraltar Botanic ... produced 2229 Honey Buzzards and 2309 Black Kites together with small numbers of Egyptian Vultures, Montagu's Harriers, Sparrowhawks and Booted Eagles and included four Black Storks. A Common Buzzard has ...

Rarities Panel
Common Scoter Honey & Common Buzzards Black-shouldered, Red & Black Kites Egyptian, Griffon & Black Vultures Marsh, Hen & Marsh Harriers Short-toed & Booted Eagles Goshawk & Sparrowhawk Osprey Common ... More from this site

IWRC Interview with Philip Dragoumis
More than half of them are Common Buzzards, or Hawks as you would call them . The rest are large ... same. There are in fact only a few species we have in common, such as the Golden Eagle, Harrier, Peregrine, Barn Owl, Long and Short ... room. Captured Goldfinches & Greenfinches in awful, dirty, small cages was a very common sight. Now things are better. It's no longer such a ...

A Sense of Place (Do or Die)
There are hay meadows with yellow rattle and common spotted orchid, oak coppices, fragments of upland woods of birch and rowan and remnants of ... in the country. It supports red grouse, stonechat and nesting curlew and is visited by buzzards and ravens. Insects such as the emperor moth, green-hairstreak butterfly and upland wood ant ...

Return to Paradise (Do or Die)
Littlewood, who manages the park for the London Wildlife Trust, says that it contains five common spotted orchids whose seeds probably arrived via the canal from some distant source. It also ... 's building supports a huge population of kestrels, sparrowhawks and even a few rough-legged buzzards from Scandinavia. 2013-2063 A succession of trees take over the city, with oak eventually ... More from this site

The Hawk Conservancy Trust -
I know, neither do the Buzzards, Eagles or Harriers. Some of the falcons do - the male Peregrine is ... relation to their creative effort. Hopefully we have come up with a common sense answer to this question. Basically if an image that is taken ... to climb over any fences or barriers to take photographs. From a common courtesy point of view it is best if you don't ...

The Hawk Conservancy Trust - An introduction to Buzzards
Australasia. Features Buzzards have rounded, broad wings, and a broad tail. In most species the legs are bare. Colour variations (or phases) are quite common within individual species. General Many buzzards are ... with the European Buzzard ranging from very pale to a very dark brown. Buzzards were once relatively common in Great Britain, but they suffered a major decline in members during the ... More from this site

Hawk and Owl Trust | Diurnal birds of prey | Common buzzard
Add page to favourites Save as PDF Species > Diurnal birds of prey > Common buzzard Common buzzard The common buzzard (Buteo buteo) is widespread and prominent, soaring in the air The buzzard is ... or as fledglings. Earthworms can be an important food, especially from recently ploughed fields where buzzards can be seen competing with rooks and gulls. Carrion also plays a significant part in ...

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