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Where to Donate Used Computers and Electronics in the Bay Area
Computers and Electronics in the Bay Area environmental tips and sustainable solutions for a healthy planet Useful Links: Home About Us Contact Us Site Map You are Here: Home > Site Map > Marin > Donating Used Computers and Electronics ...

Toxic chemicals used as flame retardants are rapidly building up in the bodies of people and wildlife around the world
United States. Much less is known about any health effects of PBDE compounds that are applied to computers and electronics equipment and whether they accumulate in bodies. Great Lakes Chemical Corp., based in Indiana, is the only manufacturer of the type of PBDE's used in furniture and ...

Protecting Ohio's Land
Collection events are listed through the Recycling and Hazardous Waste Collection page. If ... and Remedial Response (DERR) VAP Certified Professionals VAP Certified Laboratories Office of Pollution Prevention Recycling and Household Hazardous Waste Collection information - includes links for disposing of used computers and electronics ...

Health Care Without Harm - Going Green
Computers and Electronics The original Going Green documents on Computers and Electronics need to be revised and have been temporarily removed from the website. HCWH, H2E and the Electronics ...

Electronics Initiatives | Product Stewardship | Wastes | EPA
They involve manufacturers, retailers, state and local governments, recyclers and environmental and community groups as key stakeholders. Rethink Initiative - industry, government, and environmental organizations are working together to find new users for idle computers and electronics, and ...

Industry > Industries > Electronics and Computer Industry | Browse EPA Topics | US EPA
Sector Programs: Computers and Electronics Provides links to information relating to computers and electronics. Compliance Assistance: Computer / Electronics Information about compliance assistance for the computer and electronics industry. List more recommended EPA Electronics and ... More from this site

ENERGY CONSERVATION: Energy Efficient Appliances, Energy Star Products, Solar Products and More
Efficient Computers and Instant, Online Support for Most Computer Problems CHRISTMAS LIGHTS ETC. Energy Saving LED Christmas Lights, LED Bulbs, LED Mini Lights, LED Christmas Trees CONSERVASTORE Solar, Water, and ... thermostat one degree can cut as much as 10% of your heating bill. Appliances and Electronics Tip # 11 -- Replace old appliances with more efficient models. Though buying a new appliance ...

Energy Efficient Homes: Energy Efficient Products, Building and Shelters
Appliances and Electronics Tip # 11 -- Replace old appliances with more efficient models. Though buying a new appliance ... our reliance on foreign oil and saves you money. Top 10 Energy Efficiency Tips Turn off computers and other office equipment when they're not being used, especially overnight and weekends. Cost: Nothing! ... More from this site

Minnesota Electronics Recycling Act: May 2007
In meeting the targets, manufacturers can count the weight of recycled “covered electronic devices.” This includes computers and peripherals, printers, facsimile machines, DVD players, and ...

Minnesota's Electronics Recycling Law: May 2007
Electronics USA, Inc. Goldstar LG Electronics Zenith Marantz America, Inc. Marantz MEDION AG MEDION Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America, Inc. Mitsubishi Motion Computing Motion Computing MPC Computers ... ) Resources for Retailers Definitions Minnesota Electronics Recycling Act: Minn. Stat. §§ 115A.1310 to 115A.1330 Video display devices: Televisions, laptop computers, and computer monitors with ... More from this site

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