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Recycling a Hit at 2006 Cherry Blossom Festival | Resource Conservation Challenge (RCC) Newsroom | US EPA
Festival's waste, particularly in implementing a recycling program. With our guidance, NPs set up three beverage container recycling centers around the Tidal Basin area of the National Mall and the results were astounding. More than 20,000 glass, aluminum and plastic beverage containers were collected for recycling ...

New Rules Project - Environment - Recycling and Waste Reduction Rules
More information about community development through reuse and recycling is available through ILSR's Waste to Wealth program. RULES: Beverage Container Recycling and Reuse ... and effectiveness of programs to recover discarded beverage containers for recycling. Find model policies covering beverage container deposit systems as well as model policies for refillable ...

RBAC Services - Recycling Markets Directory
Container Recycling Batteries BioMass/Wood Chemical Construction & Demolition Materials Electronics & Related Products Fluorescent Lights Food Glass Metal Miscellaneous Paper Petroleum Plastic Rubber Textiles By name. If you know the name of the recycling ... Recycling Business Assistance Center (RBAC) in the Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance (DPPEA ). Recycling question ... Speakers on Recycling, Waste Reduction, Zero Waste, Toxic Waste
Green Stock Video Magazine Educational & Training Videos Wastes & Recycling Speakers cover recycling programs and policies of all kinds, waste reduction, reuse, ... be added here as they become available. Municipal Recycling Composting Paper Recycling Beverage Container Recycling Construction & Demolition Debris Recycling Waste Reduction & Reuse Purchase of Recycled Content Products ...

Beyond Recycling: The Zero Waste Solution
Zero Waste? In Your Community Zero Waste Businesses Resources Around the World Optimize Recycling For Public Officials End Landfilling Home Energy Subsidies Keep Organics Out [offsite] Producer Resp. ... financial sense for them to reuse, or at least recycle the containers. GRRN and the Container Recycling Institute are working to make sure every state requires manufacturers to take back their ...

GRRN's Beverage Container EPR Campaign
CRI Statement On Coke & Pepsi's Dismal Records In Solving The Beverage Container Wasting Crisis The GrassRoots Recycling Network and Container Recycling Institute are disappointed by the failure of the Coca-Cola ... on the table to address plummeting recycling rates. Like Pepsi, Coke continues to refuse to take financial or physical responsibility for their container litter and waste.[new window] ... More from this site

National Recycling Coalition - MEMBERS
Become a Voice of Recycling! Existing Members: Login to the Members Only section. Our Programs ... leadership and building consensus on important recycling issues such as product stewardship, recycling of electronics scrap, and the need to increase beverage container recycling rates. Developing meaningful partnerships with corporate, ...

Articles Category: Recycling - Energy Efficient Homes-Energy Efficient Home, Energy Efficient Home Articles,Global Warming
Recycling The Waste Around You" By : B. Franklin Paper first. Most recycling centers accept all paper products. You can start by reducing ... . If you want to know the truth, a plastic food container is even more durable and long-lasting than... By: Lee Young recycling - "Reuse ethic: repair, donate and buy used" By : L ...

Recycling Opportunities - Hall County, Georgia
Management Other Recycling Options Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan Contact Information Recycling Opportunities Whether young or old, recycling is a habit that all Hall Countians should practice. Recycling helps our ... cans, TV dinner trays. Back To Top Plastics PETE #1 - Discard caps, rinse container. Please flatten containers by stepping on them. Acceptable examples: green and clear 1 & ...

Recycling Household Chemicals - Hall County, Georgia
Recycling/Reuse Options Transmission fluid is recyclable. To recycle transmission fluid, place it in a clean, leak-proof container and recycle at any Hall County compactor site or at the Hall County Recycling ... Recovery at 770-535-8284 for current information on recycling of empty paint cans. If it cannot be recycled, then the empty container can be disposed of in a landfill. Full Cans ... More from this site

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