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Conclusions of Survey: Offshore Oilfield Drilling Wastes and Disposal Techniques to Reduce the Ecological Impact of Sea Dumping
Proven technology exists to re-inject and contain contaminated drill cuttings in underground reservoirs, either by installing equipment on each rig, platform or drillship, ... sealife is proven and should be of at least equal concern to WBM-contaminated drill cuttings. 8. Technology also exists (and is almost universally used onshore) to re-inject ...

References: water-based drilling muds, drill cuttings and produced waters
Features of a Drilling Site in the North Sea, One Year after Discharges of Oil-contaminated Drill Cuttings. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 91(1-3):37-45. Dames & Moore. 1978. Dames and Moore ... 1990. The Effects of Drill Cuttings on a Model Marine Sediment System. Marine Environmental Research 29:103-134. Go to Previous Page: Main Sources on drilling muds, drill cuttings and produced waters Back to ... More from this site

Partrac Sediment Consultancy Science, UK
Monitoring River Catchment Geomorphology Sediment Stability Assessment Contaminated Sediment Dispersal Monitoring Technology Particle and Sediment ... , D.M., and Davidson, I.R., 2002. Erosion of cuttings piles sediments: a laboratory flume study. Underwater Technology Vol. ... Davidson, I. R., 1999. Sediment micro-fabric of oil rig drill spoil heaps: preliminary observations using low-temperature ...

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