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Virginia Cooperative Extension
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Virginia Cooperative Extension
Cooperative Extension Virginia Cooperative Extension is a product of cooperation among local, state, and federal governments in partnership with tens of thousands of citizens, who, through local Extension Leadership Councils, help design, implement, and evaluate Cooperative Extension ... More from this site

Cooperative Extension Office - Hall County
Business Recycling Recreation, Arts & Culture Online Parks Guide Cooperative Extension Office The mission of the Hall County Extension Office provides information and education in the areas of ... Mizer 4-H and FACS Secretary Email Becky Rogers Extension Secretary Email Cooperative Extension Office William D. Skaggs, County Extension Coordinator, ANR Agent 770-531-6988 770-531- ...

Find Local Cooperative Extension Office in the U.S.--UC IPM
Find Local Cooperative Extension Offices in the U.S. You can often find solutions to your specific pest management problems through your state's Cooperative Extension Service. This organization is ... or territory. From the links on the resulting page, choose the one with "Cooperative Extension" or "Agricultural Extension" in the name. Then look for a link to "county office" or "local ...

Coastal Research and Extension Center
Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium's parent organization, the University Marine Center. The logical affiliation of this extension program with the Mississippi Cooperative Extension ... Extension Center. Experimental Seafood Processing Laboratory In the late 1980s, Mississippi State University (MSU) and NOAA's National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), created a cooperative ...

Education World : Curriculum: Education Resources Help Kids 'Give Water a Hand'
In 1992, the cooperative extension service of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) completed a national ... related youth service projects paired youth groups with local water experts, such as extension agents, waste water treatment plant operators, naturalists, directors of environmental organizations, and ...

Mississippi Sea Grant Extension Program
Mississippi Cooperative Extension Service was recognized early in the Mississippi Sea Grant Program's life. This early tie of the MSGEP with the Mississippi Cooperative Extension Service has obviously resulted in the tailoring of the MSGEP that it is compatible with both the Mississippi Cooperative Extension Service's ...

Maryland Sea Grant : Research, Outreach & Education: Outreach & Extension
Extension Specialists & Agents Outreach & Extension Maryland Sea Grant Extension, a partnership between Maryland Sea Grant and Maryland Cooperative Extension ...

Maryland Sea Grant : Finfish Aquaculture Fact Sheets: Finfish: Aquaculture & Restoration: Outreach & Extension: Research, Outreach & Education: Finfish Fact Aquaculture Sheet #6
Acknowledgements This fact sheet was funded in part by the University of Maryland Cooperative Extension Service, the Center for Environmental and Estuarine Studies, and through grant NA86AA-D ... Thomas A. Fretz, Director of Cooperative Extension Service, University System of Maryland. The Maryland Sea Grant Extension Program is a joint effort of the Cooperative Extension service and the Maryland Sea ... More from this site

Drinking Water University, Cooperative Links
Small Systems Educators SPONSORS NRCCE WVU EPA USDA RD University-based, Cooperative Extension, and Regional Assistance Center Links Presented by the National Drinking Water Clearinghouse (NDWC ... commonly used by that agency. Cooperative Extension Glossary of Water Terminology Definitions for terms commonly used by the Colorado State University Cooperative Extension Glossary of Water Resource ...

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