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The Canadian Peregrine Foundation - St. Catharines Photo Gallery
April 2001. The Corbloc Building in St. Catharines, which Mozart and Constanza selected for nesting. Their nest site was at the top right of the building in this photo. (Photo by ...

The Canadian Peregrine Foundation -- St. Catharines home page Webcam NEST SITE: The Corbloc building, 80 King Street. In March 2001, a pair of peregrine falcons was discovered in downtown St. Catharines at the Corbloc building. Peregrine chicks were released in ... the Bell building and mate with Constanza. He then flew back to Corbloc and in a few moments disappeared heading east. 9:30 Constanza flew to the middle of the Corbloc building ledge. She ... More from this site