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Great Ape Trust of Iowa, Des Moines, Iowa
In 2002, the highly publicized Coulston Foundation, a for-profit testing laboratory in Alamogordo, N.M., was shuttered. At one time, Coulston had control of some 650 chimpanzees – nearly ... all of the developments are positive for great apes. For example, officials with the Primate Foundation of Arizona last year announced plans to close that research facility in Mesa by 2010 ...

IDA - In Defense of Animals
Mississippi dog hacked to death; guardian's rival sought 10/27/03 Coulston Foundation's attempt to withhold records hits appeals court 10/22/03 Endangered Amazon Parrot alert ... Grant Makes Possible Program to Save Arizona Horses 09/16/03 One year anniversary of Coulston closure and chimpanzee liberation celebrated 09/16/03 New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance presents 20th ...

IDA - In Defense of Animals
University of North Carolina 04/24/02 USDA Inspection Report reveals financial instability of the Coulston Foundation 04/10/02 IDA condemns AKC for opposition to Puppy Protection Act 03/29/02 ... 03/29/02 Animal circuses and rodeos banned in Greenburgh, New York! 03/15/02 Coulston Foundation paychecks bounce 03/14/02 IDA Applauds Conviction of Petland Owners on Animal Cruelty Charges ... More from this site

Primate Freedom Project
CA0127 Chimpanzee Shane Chimpanzee The Fauna Foundation The Fauna Foundation Chimpanzees Alamogordo Primate Facility BamBam Chimpanzee, #1538 and 5808, died whil still housed at the Coulston Foundation. Her life began on ... assisted in her death because they failed to protect her from monsters like Fred Coulston. Documents about APF chimpanzees tell us: "3. Most of the chimpanzees have either ...

Primate Freedom Project
Chimpanzee #1028 Chimpanzee Lippy Chimpanzee #1303 Chimpanzee #CA0127 Chimpanzee Shane Chimpanzee The Fauna Foundation The Fauna Foundation Chimpanzees Alamogordo Primate Facility Lennie, #1423/199, was born 01/01/1962 ... to find out more about Lennie and others at Alamogorgo and formerly of the Coulston Foundation. Addition information will be posted about each primate as it is received. Documents ... More from this site

Retired chimpanzees
Dr. Linda Brent, a behavioral researcher and director of enrichment at the Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research in San Antonio. "I knew one named Sammy. He ... Coulston Foundation, a private laboratory in Alamagordo, N.M., whose checkered history included citations by federal animal welfare officials for mistreatment of chimpanzees. Eventually, Dr. Noon said, she hopes to retire the Coulston ...

Primate Rescue Center | Rescues | Pozna & Martina
The Coulston Foundation with a $100,000 fine and orders to restrict breeding and divest themselves of 300 chimpanzees (only half their colony) by 2002. In September 2002, with the Coulston Foundation on the verge of bankruptcy, the Arcus Foundation, together with our esteemed colleague Dr. Carole Noon at "Save the ...
Coulston Lab Chimps In September 2002, the Coulston Foundation, with governmental funding withdrawn due to violations of the Animal Welfare Act, was on the verge of bankruptcy. Frederick Coulston contacted ... this the largest ever single effort on behalf of captive chimpanzees. At the Coulston Foundation, Mickey languished alone in her windowless cell for decades. Immediately after taking ...
Coulston Foundation in Alamogordo, NM, a biomedical laboratory with the worst record of any primate care lab in the history of the Animal Welfare Act. Upon taking over the Coulston Foundation ... blankets completely draped in a large colorful bed sheet. Save the Chimps’ rescue of the Coulston Foundation chimps remains the largest and most successful rescue effort on behalf of chimpanzees in ... More from this site

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