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Exotics-nonindigenous creatures invading the Great Lakes -
Great Lakes. photo courtesy GLNPO Sea Lamprey One of the most predatory of fish, the Sea lamprey has caused major destruction. photo courtesy SeaGrant Spiny Water Flea Bythotrephes ... damage. photo courtesy GLNPO RUFFE Ruffe Eurasian ruffe may pose a serious ecological threat to water environments and to the future of sport and commercial fishing. photo courtesy GLNPO Purple Loosestrife ...

Great Lakes Protection Fund - Resources
FAQs | Resources | Contact Us News, Events, Ideas | Great Lakes Info | Other Funding | Project Design Resources Courtesy of S. D. Mackey GLPF Home > Resources Resources The following resources might be useful to ... The Environmental Protection Agency’s Great Lakes Funding Guidance The George Gund Foundation The Great Lakes ...