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Georgia Wildlife Federation
Snake Pituophis melanoleucus Striped Crayfish Snake Regina alleni Glossy Crayfish Snake Regina rigida Queen Snake Regina septemvittata Pine Woods Snake Rhadinaea flavilata Black Swamp Snake Seminatrix pygaea Brown Snake Storeria dekayi Red-bellied Snake Storeria occipitomaculata Southeastern Crowned Snake Tantilla coronata Ribbon Snake ...

Snakes of North America
Snake Phyllorhynchus browni Saddle Leafnose Snake Phyllorhynchus decurtatus Spotted Leafnose Snake Pituophis catenifer Gopher Snake Pituophis melanoleucus PineSnake Regina alleni Striped Crayfish Snake Regina grahamii Graham's Crayfish Snake Regina rigida Glossy Crayfish Snake Regina septemvittata Queen Snake Rhadinaea flavilata Pine Woods Snake Rhinocheilus lecontei Longnose Snake ...

Queen Snake - WDNR
Pages Endangered Resources Natural Heritage Inventory Working List Animals, Plants, & Natural Communities Queen Snake (Regina septemvittata) Legal status in United States: None Legal status in Wisconsin: Endangered ... . This snake is none other than the queen snake, though it is commonly known by many other names. Some examples include the yellow-bellied snake, leather snake, and crayfish snake. ...

Regina alleni
Regina alleni Striped Crayfish Snake, Striped Swamp Snake Kenneth L. Krysko photo. Scientific name: Regina alleni Description: Average adult size is 14-20 inches (35.5-50.8 cm), record ... occurs in the spring; the young are born alive. Comparison with other species: The glossy crayfish snake (Regina rigida rigida) lacks distinct striping and has a belly marked with 2 rows of brown ...

Regina septemvittata
Regina alleni) has an unpatterned belly and smooth scales. The Gulf crayfish snake (Regina rigida sinicola) has a thin black stripe within the yellowish stripe on the side of the body. The glossy crayfish snake (Regina ... More from this site

Earth Witness Community - Extinct Animals - The Roll
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