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Direct action for seed, food and biodiversity
Action THIS ZONE a16 biodevastation ge testsite list gm crop squat guerrilla garden seeds of resist... mayday2000 watlington THE SITE home news monocult actions evolution ... 1999) Watlington Decontamination, 500 people in a GM farm scale trial... (July 1999) GM crop squat; pull up, plant in, take over. (May 1999) Continental market: french delicatessen sale directly ...

Sitemap - primal seeds
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Earth First! Action Update - Contacts
St Pauls Road London N1 2QN, 0171 359 8814, ALF Supporters Group, BCM Box 1160, London WC1N ... Manipulated Free Prisoner Support, c/o Manchester EF! GenetiX Snowball, (open crop removal), 6 Mount Street, Manchester M2 5NS, 0161-834 0295, ... HG3 2RA, 01943 468593 OKasional cafe, c/o Manchester EF! Oxford, (squat in path of proposed 6-lane road), 0797 0343486 Platform6 ...

Gulf Coast
Home I am from the Estrellas, Celestines and Nolyas back home from the dusty, crop-lined gravel roads of Mallet— stalks of cane flittering in the wind And from fresh ... 2002) Baton Rouge, Louisiana © River of Words 2002 Swamp Shack The shack Sitting on squat pillars Tall cypress looming over Separated From the swamp Filled inside With potions and powders ...

Highlander fanfiction: The First Horseman
Beyond these barriers lay the citadel itself: a squat round beehive of a tower, beneath which lay cisterns holding enough water - so it was ... coming from all over the country, and merchants would be arriving to buy up the crop. Without the asafetida harvest, how will people cure their meat for winter? How can they ...

The Peregrine Fund - Conservation Projects - The Maya Project - Tropical Deforestation
The crop is strictly rain fed, and in dry years, crop failures result in widespread hardship. In ... , weeding is generally not necessary. Prior to planting the second crop (October or November), farmers traditionally needed to spend several days chopping ... to find a tract of forest and squat for a time, growing a corn crop each year, social pressures remain below the ...

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