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Executive Committee Conference Call Minutes on Aquatic Nuisance Species - May 2004.
ANS at their next meeting in Cuatro Cienegas, Mexico. They were enthusiastic about having the WRP help sponsor their next meeting. John will ... to the Desert Fishes Council to co-sponsor their next meeting in November, 2005 in Cuatro Cienegas, Mexico. The only other remaining funds are the $2,500 targeting improving the involvement of ...

Executive Committee Conference Call Minutes on Aquatic Nuisance Species - February 2005.
Desert Fishes Council for the ANS session in their meeting in Cuatro Cienegas, Mexico. John would like to see the proceedings published. Susan suggested that John contact the ... More from this site - save, protect, preserve wilderness and rainforest for free!
Species Mexican Wildlife more info Save Mexican Thick-billed parrot nest areas in Sierra Madre & Cuatro Cienegas w/ 100 endemic species & desert pools. (also funded by TNC). Save 16.5 sq. ft ..., Mexico Info - Save and protect endangered Mexican wildlife for free!
Pronatura purchase the Cuatro Cienegas property. Protect the Pozas Azules and the Cuatro Cienegas Basin EcologyFund is helping Pronatura purchase 7,000 acres in the Cuatro Cienegas Valley, home to over ... diverse wildlife in multi-colored sink hole ponds with unique species like the Cuatro Cienegas pupfish and cichlid, as well as living stromatolites. Fossil marine stromatolites provide the ... More from this site

SBN Feature Article: May 1997
Sea of Cortez, Sian Ka'an biosphere reserve, and the white gypsum dunes of Cuatro Cienegas, Coahuila, recently featured in National Geographic. Mexico also has the Copper Canyon and the ... border, where linkages between Tamaulipas and Texas promote tourism to both the El Cielo and Cuatro Cienegas Biosphere Reserves. "Ecotourism efforts must be kept in local hands to be successful," explains Maria ...

Reptiles: Masticophis bibliography
R. Dixon. 1990. High incidence of melanism in Masticophis taeniatus girardi (Reptilia: Colubridae), from the Cuatro Cienegas Basin of Coahuila, Mexico. Texas Journal of Science. 42 (2):202-204. Camper, J. D ... Coahuila Directory - Coahuila Hotels, Restaurants, Tours, Activities - Coahuila, Mexico
Cuatro Ciénagas While visiting Parras de la Fuente, a beautiful place to see is the Iglesia ... ecologically important place to visit while in Coahuila is the city and surrounding area of Cuatro Cienegas (four marshes). The landscape here is extraordinary. Located in the Chihuahuan Desert, this environment is ...

Mexico Parks Index | Planeta
Andrea Kaus Zona del Silencio, puerta del universo - Armin Gomez Coahuila Parques Nacionales de Coahuila Cuatro Cienegas Nuevo Leon Parques Nacionales de Nuevo Leon Tamaulipas El Cielo Biosphere Reserve A Practical Guide ...

Defining Ecotourism ... Latin America Style | Planeta
Mexico's lush natural resources -- the Sea of Cortez, the dunes of Cuatro Cienegas and the Sian Ka'an biosphere reserve. Previous tourism campaigns promoted images of Mexico that ... More from this site

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