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Cutover & Cutaway Bogs - Homepage
Cutaway Bogs - Homepage Cutaway and cutover bog are terms used to describe any area of bogland from which peat has been removed by hand or mechanical means. 300,000ha of cutover and cutaway ... the cutover and cutaway bogs represent an opportunity for communities in the midlands, peat producers and conservationists. Registered Charity Number CHY6829 Cutover & Cutaway Bogs Website Sponsored by ...

Cutover & Cutaway Bogs -
Cutover & Cutaway Bogs - Cutaway bog describes a site where peat has been removed systematically by industrial means. Any peat remaining can no longer be economically removed. Up to 85,000ha of cutaway bog occurs ... to 220,000ha of cutover bog occurs in the Irish midlands. Types of Cutover and Cutaway Bog Method of Peat Extraction Slean Hand Cut Vertical Removal Sausage Peat Machine Vertical Removal ...

Cutover & Cutaway Bogs -
Cutaway Bogs - Formation of Cutover and Cutaway Bogs The cutaway and cutover bogs of the midlands of Ireland were originally raised bogs. Raised bogs have a complex history of growth and formation spanning some 10,000 ... The interpretation of the soil and peat types exposed by turf cutting show that raised bogs began to grow in depressions which were occupied by lakes. Slowly plants colonized the ... More from this site

IPCC Bogs & Fens of Ireland Conservation Plan 2005 - Conservation Strategy
Conservation Strategy Irish Peatland Conservation Council Comhairle Chaomhnaithe Phortaigh na hÉireann ACTION FOR BOGS & WILDLIFE Bogs & Fens of Ireland Campaigns Actions 2005 News Archive Current Issues & Campaigns ... actions we are involved with below. Action 1. Afforestation Action 2. Cutaway Bogs Action 3. Cutover Bogs Action 4. Dumping on Peatlands Action 5. Environmental Education & Training ...

Although the Council was not permitted to support religious denominations, funding was allowed to assist ...

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