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Dam decommissioning in France
Dam (Haut Allier, France) in french only - Spain : soon ! 2. Dam decommissioning worldwide ( - River Recovery trough dam decommissioning (British Columbia, Canada) - River Revival Campaign (USA) (dam decommissioning ...

Loire dam decommissioning : St Etienne de Vigan and Maisons rouges
Dam and the Maison Rouge Dam dismantled for Salmon français - deutsch Content : Dam decommissioning in France and worldwide more photos from deactivated dams - Brives Charensac Dam (Haute Loire) - Blois dam - ... Saint Etienne de Vigan dam The Maisons rouges dam The Blois dam The Brives Charensac dam The Fatou Dam more about dam decommissioning more dams to dismantel (Poutes Dam/Allier and more ! ... More from this site

Der RiverFax in Deutsch
Listen RiverFax Generelles zu Flüssen und Wasser Was ist ein lebendiger Fluss ?

The Tagliamento River Basin
RiverFax one of our publications About Rivers Basics. What is a river, a living River? Dam Decommissioning Sustainable Waterpolicy & Rivermanagment Educational Projects About RiverNet and ERN General informations : Presentation of the Riverbasin ... More from this site

EcoIQ Magazine Opinion
Senator Byron Sher (D - Palo Alto) has introduced Senate Bill l540. His bill, "The California Dam Decommission River Restoration and Public Safety Act of 2000," requires the California Secretary of ... modify dams as recommended in the report. SB 1540 also establishes a Dam Decommissioning Fund in the State Budget to fund dam removal and modification. Every beach lover should immediately write or call ...

Living Rivers Grand Canyon Campaign
Canyon and Hoover dams would experience no decrease in water availability without Glen Canyon Dam, largely because Lake Powell's significant evaporation and seepage losses would be eliminated. Conservation ... such waste would pave the way for restoration well beyond Grand Canyon, allowing the decommissioning of other unnecessary dams in the Colorado River watershed. Back | Top Last Update: August ...

Living Rivers Grand Canyon Campaign
Grand Canyon. More revenue with fewer expenses could be generated by decommissioning the dam and selling the water currently lost to evaporation and seepage from Lake Powell. Avoid Catastrophe In 1983, the Colorado River nearly spilled over the top of Glen Canyon Dam ... More from this site

Mining, Environment and Development > Environment Australia
Energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction - Environment Australia, 2002. Mine decommissioning - Environment Australia, 2002. Older Booklets Hazardous Materials Management, Storage and Disposal - ... 4. Tailings Containment Introduction Slide (PowerPoint) Slides (PowerPoint) Handout - Comparison of Tailings Dam Construction Techniques (Word) Case Studies Copper Mining in the Andes ( ...

NRSD > Water > Related Links
WCD consists of 12 Commissioners nominated by the major interest groups (engineers, planners, dam owners, government decision-makers, environmental scientists, affected peoples and indigenous peoples, ... internationally-acceptable criteria and guidelines for planning, designing, construction, operation, monitoring, and decommissioning of dams. World Water Forum - The 3rd World Water Forum is ... More from this site

Living Rivers Grand Canyon Campaign
Park. Read more... 2005: 130 NGOs support the "One-Dam Solution," a report on the benefits of decommissioning Glen Canyon Dam, as the terms of reference for the Bureau of Reclamation ... hydrograph that mimics pre-dam conditions, temperature modification, decommissioning, and other scenarios all should be on the table." Dr. Paul Marsh, Zoologist, Arizona State University "Glen Canyon Dam's Adaptive ...

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