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Conservation Data Sources: Index
Conservation Data Sources Index Information on plant conservation and ecological restoration is becoming more wide-spread on the Internet. We also list conservation information sources from the Federal Government ... your browser cannot display such maps, a text-based list is also available.

Environment Canada's NPRI - Data Resources
Under development. Other Data Sources National Criteria Air Contaminants (CAC) Emissions Inventory View the CAC Emissions Summaries (including trends and projections) for industrial and non-industrial sources. Seven CAC air pollutants and ammonia are key contributors to poor air quality and smog. O. Reg. 127/01 - Ontario Ministry of the Environment Emissions data ...

June 2008 All other data last updated: February 2008 Site Index Site Search Home Data Search -- Plants/Animals -- Ecological Communities About the Data -- Available Data -- Data Sources ...

Uruguay Uzbekistan Vanuatu Venezuela Viet Nam Western Sahara Yemen Zambia Zimbabwe METHODOLOGY methodology data sources terms & definitions authors' index Global Forest Watch Intact Forest Mapping Results "The Last ... unreviewed draft) - was used as a reference for mapping Canadian forests and as initial data source for Nordic countries. "Atlas of Russia's Intact Forest Landscapes" (GFW, 2002) - ...

The HCT's Data Interpretation Guidelines
The data do not represent systematic surveys except where specified The spatial, temporal and qualitative coverage of the data we hold is not consistent Some data sources have not been accessible to us, and those that we hold are not fully digitised, therefore our data are likely ...

Databases and Software | Information Sources | US EPA
Information Sources | US EPA Jump to main content. Information Sources Recent Additions | Contact Us Search: All EPA Advanced search You are here: EPA Home Information Sources Databases ... data. Technical Tools - Find tools to assist in modeling environmental conditions, assessing water quality and more. Environmental Test Methods & Guidelines - Test methods found on the Agency Web site and sources ...

Data Systems | Data, Planning and Results | Compliance and Enforcement | US EPA
Enforcement You are here: EPA Home Compliance and Enforcement Data, Planning and Results Data Systems Compliance and Enforcement Data Systems Data Systems Air Hazardous Waste Modernization/ICIS Multimedia Toxics/ ... Air Data System The air compliance and enforcement program uses the Air Facility System (AFS) for program support. AFS contains compliance data on air pollution point sources regulated by ... More from this site

Data available from CRU
The various datasets on the CRU website are provided for all to use, provided the sources are acknowledged. Acknowledgement should preferably be by citing one or more of the papers ... indices Other You may also want to look at: The IPCC Data Distribution Centre Climate Monitor Online UCAR Community Data Portal, including data for diagrams in IPCC report (registration required) Last updated: ...

Alpine Climate Data
E, 43°N–49°N) by the Climatic Research Unit. This activity utilizes data from various sources, mainly from the HISTALP database. Precipitation The precipitation dataset (alp_pre_dat.txt) provides monthly ... The various datasets on the CRU website are provided for all to use, provided the sources are acknowledged. Acknowledgement should preferably be by citing one or more of the papers ... More from this site

Wood Energy Data: Sources of Woodfuels
Data: Sources of Woodfuels Woodfuel Sources Wood Energy Data Woodfuels come from many different sources, both forest and non-forest land, like agricultural fields, homegardens and roadside trees. Below, estimates for sources are given for several countries. They show that non-forest lands are the main sources for most countries, although it should be noted the data don't ...

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