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Orca Network News - New orca babies
List of births and deaths since 1998. L111 Photo by David Ellifrit. August 12, 2008, Center for Whale Research encountered a calf ... J14's fifth known offspring. L110 (with mom L83) Photo by Dave Ellifrit, Center for Whale Research. L110 was rumored in mid-August, ... Charters, and confirmed with photo-documentation by Ken Balcomb and Dave Ellifrit late in the day. The mother, J11, has two other living ...

Orca Network Sightings Map
John Boyd (JB), Marine Naturalist, Western Prince August 5, 2008 Dave Ellifrit, Erin Heydenreich, Courtney Smith and Mackenzie Consoier of the Center for Whale Research responded to ... More from this site

O4/T14 and O5/T13
O4 and O5 provided by Rebecca Partridge. The following pictures of O4 are courtesy of Dave Ellifrit, Center for Whale Research: Please don't use any of these pictures without permission!

Offshore Orcas of the Pacific Northwest
ID manuals. Ken Balcomb, Astrid van Ginneken, Diane Claridge, and Dave Ellifrit immediately went over to the locality to get ID pictures. They photographed 67 whales. This ...

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