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Wildlife - EPA/QPWS
David Fleay Wildlife Park Partners in conservation Research at David Fleay Wildlife Park About the park 50 Years Wild The move to Fleay's Running of Fleay's Fauna Reserve David Fleay ...

Wildlife parks - EPA/QPWS
Wildlife parks David Fleay Wildlife Park Visit a wildlife park with a difference! Nestled in secluded bushland in the heart of Queensland’s Gold Coast, David Fleay Wildlife Park ... More from this site

Keeping Marsupials : Keeping and Breeding Marsupials in Captivity, Maintaining Injured and Orphaned Wildlife in Captivity, Animal Husbandry, Australian Marsupials, Australian Mammals, Marsupial Conservation
Queensland wildlife parks. The management program that is being coordinated through the David Fleay Wildlife Park, will ensure a captive population is available for study, maintaining the genetic diversity of the species, and possibly for release in the future. Brisbane Forest Park ...

DPIW - Tasmanian Tiger
He recommends a sanctuary in that area. 1945 - Well-known naturalist David Fleay searches the Jane River to Lake St Clair area, finding possible thylacine footprints. 1959 ... A search in Tasmania's highlands by Tasmanian Wildlife Park owner, Peter Wright, fails to turn up conclusive evidence. 1988-93 - Separate photographic searches by wildlife photographer, Dave Watts and Ned ...

The Thylacine Museum - Acknowledgements
Survivor - Continued Existence of the Tasmanian Tiger", Rosemary Fleay-Thomson - daughter of the well-known Australian zoologist Dr. David H. Fleay, and artist Sean Cooper of the Paleocraft ... Scott, Harriet Scott, Thomas Seth-Smith, David Sharland, Michael Sheppard, Benjamin A. Sloan, Monty Smith, Malcolm Strickland Sutcliffe, Anthony J. Talune Wildlife Park Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery Turner, C ...

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