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Office of Radiation Protection - Waste Management Section Home Page - Washington State Department of Health
Operating License (2413.29 KB PDF) Dawn Mining The Waste Management Section regulates the Dawn Mining Company uranium millsite. Since the mill was shut down, Dawn Mining Company has been in the process of ... Project Manager - Commercial Low-Level Waste 360-236-3244 Dorothy Stoffel, Project Manager - Dawn Mining Company 509-456-3166 Sean Murphy, Project Manager - Pacific Eco Solutions (PEcoS) 509-943 ...

Dawn Mining Home Page
Dawn Mining Company The Waste Management Section regulates the Dawn Mining Company uranium millsite through delegated authority from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. From the mid-50s to the early 80s, Dawn Mining Company ... Reservation and 25 miles from Dawn’s uranium millsite at Ford, Washington. Dawn Mining Company began mining uranium ore at the Midnite Mine in the 1950's. The Bureau of ... More from this site

Legacy of Uranium Mining on Native American Land
Washington State was on the Spokane Indian Reservation: the Sherwood Uranium Mine and the Midnite Uranium Mine. Among Newmont Mining's many holdings is majority interest in the Dawn Mining Company, ... O’odham land west of Tucson, Arizona, EPA issued an administrative order requiring the company to clean up tailings containing toxic salt and uranium. This site leached uranium into ...

Spokane Reservation Uranium
Newmont Mining Company: Dawn Mining Company. Today the mine looks like an open wound in the heart of the Spokane Indian Reservation. Dawn abandoned the pits and 33 million tons ... More from this site

Honor the Earth: Grants: Groups We Have Funded In The Past: 1999
Network of tribal peoples impacted by radioactive contamination. Dawn Watch Spokane Reservation, Washington For grassroots organizing to build opposition to a stop the Dawn Mining Company from converting a defunct uranium mill site adjacent ...

Solidarity South Pacific - News
Demonstration and Presentation 17th April Reclaim Shell Cove Aboriginal Embassy Feb 05 14th February Mining Company tells Subanen Community to Cooperate or Face Immediate Eviction. Jan 05 24th January Action: ... Police in Bougainville 6th September Australian police head to Bougainville 2nd September A new dawn for mining after a lost decade? Back to Top August 04 19th August Prisoners released ...

Indigenous Mining Campaign Project: articles Nov. 01 - Jan. 03
The feds eventually gave the gold-mining company about $42.5 million. The Montana state government, which tends to like mining, eventually got 8,350 acres of subsurface coal rights ... and herd onto private land before BLM agents and hired wranglers arrived in the pre-dawn hours of Sept. 22. Meanwhile, other Western Shoshone people planned to stage demonstrations at BLM ...

WSSD.Info News Issue #4 Part I . Monday, June 10, 2002 12:24
Rio Declaration," said Dawn Martin, chairman of a U.S.-based NGO. "The question for the worlds ... through, for example, the establishment of foundations dealing with issues on environmental impact. Mining company Rio Tinto and consumer product company PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk -- both foreign-owned companies -- were among those ... More from this site

Amazon Genocide
Suriname, were shot at by security officials working for the Canadian-owned Golden Star mining company. "I have seen security guards riding around in the white jeeps with M16 assault rifles ... borders with Bolivia. Riot police wearing bullet-proof jackets and using tear gas made a dawn raid on the Santa Helena farm, set up by the squatters less than a month ...

Lassey seminar on Gold Mining
Tarkwa, was demolished to pave way for surface mining. A combined team of armed soldiers and policemen surrounded the entire village at dawn and jolted them out of their sleep. ... . Inhabitants of the two communities sued the mining company for forceful ejection, destruction of their farmlands and property. The court submitted that the mining company exhausts all procedures for negotiations with the ...

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