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Maryland Sea Grant : Video Journal
Deal Island, Maryland. Link to this: The Workboat Races of Deal Island [2:09] Every Labor Day is race day on Deal Island ... , their sense of community, their sense of place? Anthropologist Michael Paolisso took those questions to Deal Island, an isolated enclave along Maryland's Eastern Shore. Here he talks about his work, and ...

Chesapeake Quarterly: Video Spotlights
Daniels talk about their lives. The Workboat Races of Deal Island [2:09] small | large | comments Every Labor Day is race day on Deal Island. Watermen in skipjacks and workboats compete for trophies ... ] small | large | transcript | comments Dredging oysters under sail with Captain Art Daniels Jr. of Deal Island, Maryland. A Waterman and His Boat [0:38] small | large | transcript | comments "As long ... More from this site

Sable Island Litter
Visiting Sable Bibliography Reviews Jill MacLean Karen Mulhallen Archives Postscript Contact Guest Book Media Sable Island Beach: Surveys for Marine Litter (August 2002) Click on thumbnails for more information Plastic ... marine environment is one aspect of a much larger environmental issue. In attempting to deal with the problem there must be an overall change in present attitudes that encourage ...

Sable Island Station Operations
Visiting Sable Bibliography Reviews Jill MacLean Karen Mulhallen Archives Postscript Contact Guest Book Media Sable Island Station: Operations (February 2003) In 1944 the Government of Canada built the first of the ... maintenance of buildings and equipment, and to process waste. Station staff must be able to deal with the unexpected. Help is not handy if a vehicle breaks down or siding blows ... More from this site

Island Destinations Rated: Mediterranean @ National Geographic Traveler
Beautiful architecture. But the large numbers of visitors have alienated many residents. The island is gaining a reputation for rudeness and unpleasantness associated with large numbers of arrogantly- ... do it!" "Stunning visually—and this can disguise environmental issues. Greek society evolved to deal with the dry climate in the absence of hundreds of thousands of visitors now ...

CD-ROM - Ollie's Island Australia - Exploring chains of sustainable production and consumption
In Australia, we are afforded a great deal of choice in deciding what to consume and, more importantly, when and what not to ... education in order to effectively tackle issues of sustainable production and consumption. The Ollie’s Island Program draws on this and an arsenal of encyclopaedic information on natural resource use, ecological ...

Efate, Vanuatu - island travel, accommodation, beaches, reefs, Lelepa, Nguna, Emao, Port Vila
Efate, more than Port Vila Efate is Vanuatu's most developed island. Port Vila has fancy hotel and resort accommodation, golf courses, ... Vatu in the near future, still a good deal. Transport around the island There is regular public transport around to north Efate ... 350 4500 Forari 400 5000 Epau Village 400 5500 Round island 10000 Selected Port Vila Efate Land Transport Association fares, effective ...

Earth Island Institute | Earth Island Journal | Editor's Blog
Services Archives Upcoming Issues For Advertisers For Writers For Photographers Editor’s Blog Programs Earth Island Projects The Adaptation Network The Altai Project Baikal Watch Bay Area Wilderness Training (BAWT) ... , we are oblivious to the damage we inflict on ourselves. In an attempt to deal with the consequences of our oil addiction, politicians and corporate leaders have trumpeted the ...

Earth Island Institute | Project Support | Start a Project
Share offices with other projects, access office equipment, use meeting spaces. Finance: Earth Island provides central accounting services, including monthly financial statements and custom reporting. Employee Services ... administrative functions. Starting and running a non-profit organization requires a great deal of administrative and logistical effort. This effort limits the time and energy ... More from this site

11/02 - Money's there, but seller isn't for island preservation
The 500-acre island -- sometimes referred to as Whiteside or Big Island -- is zoned ... island. "We're hoping that this commitment of public conservation dollars may provide an avenue to work with the current land owners and see if a deal can be reached," said Daryl Peterson, field representative at the Northeastern Minnesota office of The Nature Conservancy. Most of Clough Island ...

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