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Equity Watch - Global Environmental Government Unit - Centre for Science and Environment (CSE)
International Monetary Fund have been dragged into giving debt relief to poor countries. Begrudging every dollar, a small, inadequate amount of relief has finally been given, but with strings attached. ... the money is not available. But, perhaps more important is building reconciliation for ecological debt into an effective and forward-looking successor to the Kyoto Protocol. The Centre for ...

Economic Performance Candidate SDI
Debt (278 UN CSD) Definition: Debt/Gross Domestic Product (%) SDI Framework Element: Wealth ( Element Characteristic: Amount of Money National Debt Relief (284 UN CSD) Definition: Debt relief SDI Framework Element: Wealth ( Element Characteristic: Amount of Money National Debt Service (279 UN CSD) Definition: Debt service ...

Environment News Service News Index January 2005
Wasp a Danger to Australia's Biodiversity AmeriScan: January 10, 2005 Tsunami Affected Countries Offered Debt Relief Chlorine Gas From South Carolina Train Crash Kills Nine Homeland Plan Coordinates Response to ... Again Baltic Fish Less Contaminated Than 25 Years Ago AmeriScan: January 3, 2005 World Rushes Relief to South Asian Tsunami Survivors Illegal Loggers Loot Bosniaís Forests Smokers Most at ...

Essential Action: Campaign Against the IMF, World Bank and Structural Adjustment
Essential Action Campaign Against the IMF, World Bank and Structural Adjustment Gold Industry Blocking IMF Debt Cancellation Newmont Mining Co. is leading industry opposition to plans to finance IMF ... Out Big Banks How Structural Adjustment Hurts Workers The IMF and World Bank's Sham Debt Relief Resources: Proposals for World Bank/IMF Reform - A Civil Society Coalition Report. (.pdf) Private Sector ...

Debt relief and poverty alle-viation programs are also desperately needed. The Nigerian human rights community, which ... More from this site

FAN at the Third World Water Forum
Donors must meet their commitments to debt relief. Financing should be targeted towards low cost technologies and community developed systems. Governments must keep ...

Regional Resources Africa
It looks likely that there will be little progress on debt relief, trade and funding for education. [CAFOD] New Partnership for Africas Development (NEPAD) Read FAN ... which does not address the immediate needs of the poor (HIV/AIDS, unemployment, education). Debt relief is sustained not total and NGOs are suspicious of donor commitment, particularly their bilateral ... More from this site

Social and Economic Policy - Global Policy Forum
Development This section links to information on development financing, including aid, trade, debt relief and foreign direct investment. The section also covers alternative development financing such ... Response Fund and hunger emergency aid. Debt Relief This section looks at the debt crisis and explores the need for international debt relief. Global Taxes This section explores global taxes ...

Opinion Forum - Global Policy Forum
World Bankís debt relief initiative. But soon the Inter-American Development Bank and the World Bank may cancel some of Haitiís debt. Author Dan Beeton examines critically the history of these bankís activities in the country. He argues that debt relief should not be subject to restrictive ... More from this site

Resources :: Oxfam GB
Oxfam has also been working for many years to reduce third world debt ... decrease debts. However, we continue to campaign for more debt relief and reform HIPC to ensure countries have sufficient ... millions of lives All policy papers on debt and aid Easy guide Debt and aid for beginners Learn more ...

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