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The Famine Cycle Model
Society, an organization of tropical Leucaena growers, began its outreach to reverse the deforestation and desertification of tropical forests by replacing the Famine Cycle Model of developing countries with ... water and cooking) b) Increased land clearing and tree cutting for agriculture FCM - Step 3 Deforestation effects begin FCM - Step 4 Soil Erosion FCM - Step 5 Soil surface becomes packed and ...

Science and the Desiccationist Discourse of the 20th Century
History 4(1998): 309-343 Recent ecological research has questioned the scientific validity of a number of environmental disaster scenarios, particularly those centred on the causal linkages between deforestation and desertification and intensified flooding. This essay explores the progression of theoretical models and empirical research ...

Environmental Scarcities, State Capacity and CivilViolence: India
While data on the state of India's forests are of low quality, fuel-wood shortages, deforestation and desertification can be ... conflict. These pressures express themselves in a social environment already stressed by corruption and communal animosity. Political parties, including the Congress Party, increasingly promote the interests of ...

Rainforest Portal New and Cool Links
Deforestation and Desertification popular (6 votes) an interactive site from National Geographic which includes photos, causes, and impacts of deforestation and desertification ...

Does decentralisation harm the poor? Lessons from forestry in Indonesia, and West and Central Africa
Combat Desertification (UNCCD) - since deforestation and desertification clearly go together. Dr Shepherd argued that those who negotiated the UNCCD were alert to socio-economic and ... and best funded (with the GEF covering the incremental costs of implementation) because they safeguarded northern interests. Failure of these agreements carried long-term consequences. By contrast desertification ...

GAIA Case Study: Thailand - Deforestation in S-E Asia
Deforestation in S-E Asia Deforestation and Land Degradation in SE-Asia (Thailand and Nepal ) Case Study Report Issues (and links to Agenda 21): Land Degradation Deforestation Desertification Destruction of Ecosystems Loss of Biodiversity Indicators Summary: Deforestation and ...

Climate models have demonstrated a clear link between deforestation and climate change. Deforestation ...

In addition such areas also suffer from land degradation due to over-cultivation, overgrazing, deforestation and poor irrigation practices. The direct physical consequences of desertification may include an increased frequency of sand and dust storms and increased flooding ... More from this site

National Geographic: Eye in the Sky--Deforestation
National Geographic: Eye in the Sky--Deforestation  HUMAN  IMPACT Floods and  Dams Ozone and  Pollution Deforestation  and  Desertification Overpopulation By most estimates, the world’s forests continue to disappear at an alarming rate. Logging, fires, and land-clearing for agriculture and grazing account for most of the loss. In some places, the green Earth is turning to desert.

National Geographic: Eye in the Sky--Deforestation
Eye in the Sky--Deforestation  HUMAN  IMPACT Floods and  Dams Ozone and  Pollution Deforestation  and  Desertification Overpopulation The statistics paint a grim picture. According to the World Resources Institute, ... , and land-clearing for agriculture and cattle-grazing. Among the obvious consequences of deforestation is the loss of living space. Seventy percent of the Earth’s land animals and ... More from this site

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