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Requirements for Refrigerators and Freezers - Minimum Energy Performance Standards
Group 4: Refrigerator-freezer, fresh food compartment is automatic defrost, freezer manual defrost ("partial automatic defrost") Group 5B: Refrigerator-freezer, both compartments automatic defrost (frost free), bottom mounted freezer Group 5T: Refrigerator-freezer, both compartments automatic defrost ...

Energy Labelling - Choosing an efficient refrigerator
They are called Group 1 on the web site. Single door refrigerator have a small icemaking (Group 2) or frozen food compartment (Group 3) which is manual or push-button defrost. The ... compared to a chest freezer of the same volume. Manual defrost models are called Group 6U and frost free models (automatic defrost) are called Group 7 on the web site. Chest freezers have a ... More from this site

Habitat Media - interview transcript
We discovered this year that it was taking almost two days to defrost the fish, and in those two days we were losing many minerals, vitamin E, and ... sectors can take advantage of this lack of understanding. They present us as a secretive group, as if we were mechanizing, or trying to discover or pervert. We believe we are ...

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