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Cultural Entomology Digest OnLine
Ron Gagliardi Introductory Notes Introductory notes for Issue 3 William Rowe by Dexter Sear Rodney Matthews by Dexter Sear Greek Cricket Cages by Herbert Weidner, Hamburg, Germany D. Keith McE. Kevan ... Egan, Canada Back Cover The 'grigs' are coming in "Locust Frenzy" E. A. Seguy by Dexter Sear Hieroglyphs A collection of Egyptian hieroglyphs Beetles in Textiles by Victoria Z. Rivers, UCD ...

Insects on the Web
Insects on the Web The web site is designed, researched and produced by Dexter Sear at I/0 Vision This site aims to help you really see insects for the ... More from this site

Kjell Sandved's Scaly Type Cultural Entomology Digest 4
Kjell Sandved's Scaly Type Cultural Entomology Digest 4 by Dexter Sear Kjell Sandved's Butterfly Alphabet Copyright Exemplified in the Egyptian and Mayan culture, ...

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