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Annual NYTTS Show 2004
Diane P. Greene, Asia Minor spur-thighed tortoise, Testudo ibera Sheri Greenspan, Central Asian (Horsfield’s) tortoise, Testudo horsfieldi Allen P. W. Karen, Central Asian (Horsfield's) tortoise, Testudo horsfieldi Diane Lapson, false map turtle, Graptemys pseudogeographica Diane Lapson, red-eared slider, Trachemys scripta elegans Akemi ...

Annual NYTTS Show 2003
Karen, group: scorpion mud turtle, Kinosternon scorpoides; and chaco tortoise, Geochelone chilensis Diane Lapson, group: western painted turtle, Chysemys picta bellii; false map turtle, Graptemys ... scorpoides cruentatum Kay Martin, river cooter, Pseudemys concinna Diane-Michele Petrillo, leopard tortoise, Geochelone pardalis babcocki Diane-Michele Petrillo, (Jordanian) spur-thighed tortoise, Testudo ... More from this site

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