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Living On Earth: Week of September 21, 2001
Curwood REPORTERS: Diane Toomey, Anna Solomon- ... Diane Toomey spoke with some of the people who are cleaning up lower Manhattan. ARENAS: My name is Eddie Arenas. I'm a sanitation worker. Manhattan East 6th is my garage. TOOMEY ... TOOMEY: Salvatore Cinquemani, Christopher Uzzi, and Eddie Arenas spoke with us near Battery Park, just a few blocks away from ground zero. For Living on Earth, I'm Diane Toomey ...

Illinois Natural History Survey, Biospeleology web site
Illinois Natural History Survey, Biospeleology web site Biospeleology ILDNR District Heritage Biologist Diane Tecic (L) and Tim Sickbert, an Illinois caver, (R) examine invertebrates on organic debris in ... Illinois. Illinois Natural History Survey Reports No. 361:2-3. ([web version] [lacks photo credits]) Toomey, R. S. 1997. Living in the dark. Illinois Audubon 262(Fall 1997):10-14. U ...