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Title III, Displaced Worker Program for Training Professionals
States and local substate grantees so they can help dislocated workers find and qualify for new jobs. See: Title III Dislocated Worker Program for details (in Texas, call: (512) 320-9834 ...

Employment & Training Administration (ETA) - U.S. Department of Labor
Rules WIA State Plans Posted News Releases Speeches by ETA Assistant Secretary Latest Unemployment Data Dislocated Workers    What's Hot High Growth Job Training Initiative Career Voyages- Guidance and ... in awards to nine state agencies and one community college system that competed to assist dislocated workers. Click here for the press release. Department of Labor Proposes Rules to Modernize and ...

FAQs From Dislocated Worker Service Integration Forums, Employment & Training Administration (ETA) - U.S. Department of Labor
The following information grows out of those forums and from questions which we continue ... to your particular circumstances, please contact your ETA regional office. A. INTEGRATED SERVICES FOR DISLOCATED WORKERS B. TRADE PROGRAM C. TRADE -- HCTC D. WIA NATIONAL EMERGENCY GRANT (NEG) E. ... More from this site

Lassey seminar on Gold Mining
As the people are ejected, forcefully dislocated and structures demolished, access to education becomes virtually impossible. In Wangarakrom, Ayensukrom and Bodwire ... July 1999, the people of Manso Nkran besieged the Amansie Resolute mines and prevented the workers from going to work. They went on rampage, blocked the main access roads to ...

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