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National Nuclear Security Administration announced its Divine Strake test explosion, originally set for Friday, then postponed to June 23. Now, thanks to lawsuits by ... promises that Divine Strake is not a prelude to a new round of nuclear tests, but just a way to figure out how best to go after enemy underground bunkers. Divine Strake is of ...

Public Pushes Back Against Planned Test on Old Nuke Site - The NewStandard
Divine Strake" test being touted as a necessary experiment to ward off "potential adversaries." The explosion would take place above an existing tunnel complex, which DTRA says would allow it to test ... NNSA, hoping to quell public fears, held "public information" meetings about the planned Divine Strake test in several Western towns this month. Trusting the government Kevin Rohrer, a spokesperson ... | Divine Strake change for hearing sparks ire | Deseret Morning News Web edition
Wednesday, January 10, 2007 Divine Strake change for hearing sparks ire By Josh Loftin Deseret Morning News The location of the public information session for the Divine Strake test has been changed. Instead ... debacle," Holland said in a news release. The Divine Strake test is a 700-ton conventional blast planned for the Nevada Test Site. The test is intended to help officials learn more about ... More from this site

Nevada Test Site deserve to be heard, says Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson. So, he called on the state's congressional delegation Tuesday to push for public hearings about the "Divine Strake" test ... conventional bombs, will be used in Divine Strake. Sam Guevara, the mayor's chief of staff, said Anderson is willing to coordinate and host any meetings. "It [Divine Strake's safety] has been a ...

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