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The Dolphin Institute - Humpback Whale Research & Dolphin Research - Honolulu, Hawaii
The Dolphin Institute - Humpback Whale Research & Dolphin Research - Honolulu, Hawaii

The Dolphin Institute - About TDI
Dolphin Institute - About TDI The Dolphin Institute About TDI Links: facts about tdi tdi staff tdi contact Info in the press educational programs funding conservation sponsors join tdi About TDI The Dolphin Institute ... avoid striking whales. The Dolphin Institute Back to Top Dolphin Programs | Whale Programs | Education Programs | Our Research | Resource Guide Copyright 2002, The Dolphin Institute ... More from this site

Dedicated Dolphin Sites
The Dolphin Institute (TDI) is a Hawaii-based not-for-profit (501)(c)(3) organization dedicated ... Dolphin Research Institute. is a non-profit research and education organisation, dedicated to the protection of dolphins and the marine environment. The management of Dolphin-based tourism is a major focus for the Institute ...

Greenpeace Foundation: Dolphin Alert
U.S. dolphin-safe standards in a bailout of dolphin-killing nations. In fact, this anti-dolphin stand was by the organization Greenpeace USA. Greenpeace ... Secretary's gutting of dolphin-safe law GreenpeaceUSA statements refuted by Dr. Naomi Rose of HSUS "Dolphin Safe" Tuna Label Gutted by U.S. Commerce Secretary Earth Island Institute shoots holes in GPUSA ...

Greenpeace Foundation: Dolphin Alert
Dolphin Safe" tuna program, dolphin deaths have decreased by 97% in the ETP. The "Dolphin Safe" tuna label has saved the lives of thousands of dolphins. The "Dolphin Safe" label ... Deadline for Comments to Regional Administrator: 4/16/02) For further information, contact Earth Island Institute, International Marine Mammal Project, 300 Broadway, Suite 28, San Francisco, CA 94133; Voice: (415) ... More from this site

Earth Island Institute, the foremost environmental group in the effort to save the Dolphins from slaughter while ... in Santa Barbara, while the Chumash Dolphin Dancers were dedicating the new Dolphin sculpture & fountain recently installed in their honor, by dancing the ancient & sacred Dolphin Dances, scores of Dolphins swam into ...

Bush Reduces Dolphin Protection to Increase Tuna Harvest
Mexico to be sold in the U.S. under a "dolphin safe" label, could spell disaster for imperiled dolphin populations. On December 31, the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) ... and must be overturned by the courts," said David Phillips, director of the Earth Island Institute's International Marine Mammal Project, which released the unpublished NMFS report. Arguing that the decision ...

The Jane Goodall Institute
Jane Goodall Institute hopes its 46 years of research will continue to educate people and raise money. But the institute is ... new understanding of animal language. 6/8/2005 — Dolphin Moms Teach Daughters to Use Tools - National Geographic News ... , the director of communications at the internationally renowned Jane Goodall Institute which has been researching chimpanzee behaviour for more than 40 ...

The Jane Goodall Institute
From 1987 Vice President, the British Veterinary Association's Animal Welfare Institute, UK From 1988 Trustee, Jane Goodall Institute, UK From 1989 Director, Humane Society of the United States From ... Whole Child Initiative International, USA From 1995 Member of the Advisory Board, Dolphin Project International and Dolphin Project Europe From 1995 Member of Council of Advisors, Global Green USA ... More from this site

Ocean Conservation Society – Dolphin Web Links
Harderwijk - Dolphin Research Institute, Australia - DolphinProject - Dolphin Whale and Marine Wildlife Foundation ... .org/ Pelagos Cetacean Research Institute - Rainforest Portal - Rangiroa Dolphins - Royal ...

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