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Nurture Capital -- A New Paradigm For Business
[Eisler] Nurture Capital Contrasted with Dominator Capital The old system served in a time when individual action could ... patterns might be called "Dominator Capital" in contrast to Nurture Capital. The following table indicates some attributes that distinguish these expressions: Element Dominator Capital Nurture Capital Communication Chain of Command ...

IMPACT Press: Article: "From Earth Day to Ecological Society" -- April-May '04
Neolithic cultures in the Near East. Jim Mason ... Program of Redefining Progress puts it, "the human economy is liquidating the Earth's natural capital." The human presence has grown so great that in a significant sense it has brought ...

Spare the Rod
I coined the terms partnership model and dominator or domination model. Hitlerís Germany (a technologically advanced, Western, rightist society), Stalinís ... century, Finland was very poor. That changed as the country invested in its human capital through childcare (both daycare and allowances for families), healthcare, family planning, and paid parental ...

Paradigm Shift
In fact, nothing. It is really a return to the fundamentals of the dominator model Ė a dominator family - where women are put back in their "traditional" - a code word for subservient ... than just giving or taking orders, you need partnership education. Dominator education is not going to produce the "high quality human capital" that these people talk so much about. And Iím ... More from this site

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