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Helmers rd. forest action australia GEKO East Gippsland summer 2000 Errinundra Old Growth Rain Forest
The dozer drove through the group, as people moved aside and climbed aboard, forcing the machine to stop. The driver ... was at boiling point. The dozer driver was literally chasing several people around in the dozer and pushed a tree over ... road that they were not making any money. The dozer driver offered me a cigarette and said he was sick ...

Stump truck
Midways export woodchip mill in Geelong, where our documentary maker Mark filmed a dozer driver on top of the pile who seemed a little excited to see us! This leg ... More from this site

Signers D - Global Warming Petition Project
Frederick Joseph Doyle, PhD, Francis J. Doyle, David R. Doyle, B. J. Doyle, Gregory J. Dozer, Douglas P. Dozier, MD, Alexandria Dragan, PhD, Robert G. Dragnich, David W. Dragoo, Frank J ... , PhD, Margaret Driscoll, Raymond L. Driscoll, Nicholas J. Driscoll, Richard M. Drisko, PhD, Thomas E. Driver, Vojtech A. Drlicka, MD, Daniel D. Drobnis, Dennis P. Drobny, Earl G. Droessler, Jerry D ...

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