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MDAG Case Study 23
This is turn adds significant uncertainty to interpretations and predictions of drainage chemistry. Evolution of Grain Size and Grain-Surface Area through Time      ... their use for predictions of future grain size and corresponding effects on kinetically-controlled drainage chemistry. Figure 3. Sequential Slake Durability Indices for Rock Units at an Underground Coal Mine ( ...

MDAG Case Study 17
Environments. Can the Gaia Theorem help to explain this? In our own work with minesite-drainage chemistry, we see repeating patterns over decades of monitoring and in high-frequency monitoring. We have ... this in a previous Internet Case Study, with an appropriately Gaia-like title of Minesite-Drainage Chemistry is Like Rain. Does the Gaia Theorem account for this? To read the conclusion, read ... More from this site

Minesite Drainage Assessment Group Over a Decade of Providing Valuable Technical Information on Minesite-Drainage Chemistry and Environmental Geochemistry on the Internet A 30-YEAR SCIENTIFIC ANNIVERSARY! In ... twofold: to develop conceptual models of minesite-drainage chemistry for entire minesites, and to assemble practical methods for predicting drainage chemistry from all relevant minesite components including mine ...

Internet Case Studies
Scaling and Equilibrium Concentrations in Minesite-Drainage Chemistry Morin, K.A., and N.M. Hutt. 2007. Scaling and Equilibrium Concentrations in Minesite-Drainage Chemistry. MDAG Internet Case Study #26, www.mdag ... 3. Minesite-Drainage Chemistry is Like Rain Morin, K.A., and N.M. Hutt. 1998. Minesite drainage chemistry is like rain. MDAG Internet Case Study #3, ... More from this site

Freshwater Website: Informational Resources and Services (Glossary)
X | Y | Z A acid mine drainage - Low pH drainage water from certain mines usually caused by the oxidation of sulphides to sulphuric acid. Mine drainage can also contain high concentration of ... high dissolved oxygen level. organic - (1) Referring to or derived from living organisms. (2) In chemistry, any compound containing carbon. organism - A living thing. P parts per million (PPM) - The number ...

Acid Mine Drainage at the Nickel Rim Mine Tailings
Groundwater Geochemistry & Remediation Department of Earth Sciences University of Waterloo Acid Mine Drainage at the Nickel Rim Mine Tailings Introduction Since the cessation of tailings deposition ... piezometers each, in and around the tailings impoundment. Detailed measurements of pore water chemistry, pore gas composition, tailings mineralogy and hydraulic parameters were made at these nests ...

Metal Mobility in an Aquifer affected by Acid Mine Drainage
University of Waterloo Metal Mobility in Tailings and an Aquifer affected by Acid Mine Drainage Introduction Although the acid produced by the oxidation of sulfidic mine tailings is often ... extraction techniques and scanning electron microscopy. Solids phase information will be combined with groundwater chemistry to produce a refined conceptual model for metal fate and transport at Nickel Rim. ... More from this site

Mining Effluent Technologies at CANMET-MMSL
NRCan CAN HELP CANMET-MMSL has established a team of experts in inorganic chemistry, hydrometallurgy and biotechnology to develop treatment technologies to help the mining industry meet regulations ... microbiology related to bioleaching State-of-the-art technical approaches to acid mine drainage and effluent treatment assessment of site-specific environmental issues Leach protocols for metal- ...

Climate Change Teaching Resources
These online resources are derived from an MSc course on atmospheric chemistry, which I help teach in Edinburgh, and from some of my own published papers and ... S Reay, Atmospheric Environment, 2003 (Full Paper in PDF format) Nitrous oxide emission from agricultural drainage waters Dave S Reay et al., Global Change Biology, 2003 (Full Paper in PDF format ...

Groundwater Glossary: The Groundwater Foundation
Hydrology: The study of the occurrence, distribution, and chemistry of all waters of the earth. I Impermeable layer: A layer of material (such as ... drains into a stream, channel, lake, reservoir, or other body of water; also called a drainage basin. Water table: The top of an unconfined aquifer; indicates the level below which soil ...

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