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... , stripping and heat exchange of fouled process- or waste water and cooling, washing, deodorisation of dust loaded gases.

GALICOS gaswashing-deodorisation
Galicos units in series (see working principle). Particles (such as soot and dust) are encapsulated in the liquid while thermal energy that might be present can be recuperated ... in addition to the optimal cleanability of the system make it possible to treat heavily dust loaded air streams. If necessary the flow of gas can undergo different chemical treatments by leading ... More from this site

ECO-PROS Site Index
The Dust Bowl - The Story of the catastrophic 8-year drought and great dust storms that led to a mass exodus from the Great ... the environment and biodiversity. Take some time to browse through their websites. These sites are loaded with good environmental information and resources for you to take action to make a difference ...

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners
HEPA vacuums for the copier, computer, medical and telecommunications industry. Sump Vacuums Vacuum, pump and separate used coolants and cutting oils loaded with ... 3293 —Back to Top— > front page < industrial vacuum cleaners | air contamination control dust collectors | mist collectors | smoke and fume extractors wet scrubbers | replacement filters | wastewater coolant ...

NIKRO Venturi Vacuum Cleaners
A fast and cost-effective way to vacuum and filter used coolants and cutting oils, loaded with chips, from sumps, open pits and parts washers. The Sump-n-ator is ... air vacuums! Call now for advice. > front page < industrial vacuum cleaners | air contamination control dust collectors | mist collectors | smoke and fume collectors wet scrubbers | replacement filters Industrial Air Solutions, ... More from this site

lead foundry - residents demand safe demolition
In the ... which was not given as an option in the residents survey loaded questions and a surveyor who encouraged those being surveyed to tick " ...

bauxite (aluminium ore) mining operations Mining Technology
Bidikoum and Silidara pits. After stripping any thin overburden, the ore is blasted and then loaded using hydraulic excavators into haul trucks for transport to the mine stockpiles. Bench heights of ... made substantial investments in the rehabilitation of the Kamsar plant, including new belt conveyors and dust-control systems." About two hours is needed to load each 100-wagon train, each car ...

De Beers Diamond Mine Mining Technology
Bateman ... are buried, the mine has a state-of-the-art dust control system, and noise and lighting impacts are minimised. The ... removed to expose the kimberlite, the ore is blasted and loaded into trucks. Expand ImageInside the treatment plant, the kimberlite is further ... More from this site

Mold Remediation - NIKRO INDUSTRIES
Insulation Removal Vacuums Air Scrubbers / Negative Air Machines Smoke, Dust and Fumes Extraction Online Spec Sheets NIKRO Clients ... -mail International Distribution CONTAINMENT AND DUST BARRIERS CONTAINMENT & DUST BARRIERS ZIPWALL DUST BARRIER SYSTEM Easy to set-up, ... #861331 - Zipwall 4 Pack Plus Package Includes: 4 Zipwall Spring Loaded Poles 2 Foam Rail 4 GripDisk 2 Zipwall Zippers ...

ASHRAE Study Shows Mixed Results for Antimicrobial Filters - IEC November 1999
In growth studies the answer depending the antimicrobial, the ERH, and dust loading varied significantly. Antimicrobial 1 was the ... and without dust loads at all ERH levels tested. In the ring panel filter, antimicrobial 1 prevented microbial growth on the clean filter but failed on the dust-loaded filter, where ...

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