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March 10, 2004: China's Shrinking Grain Harvest
Printer friendly format View Data Caption for photo above and below: After the dust storms have settled, electricity poles are often buried in sand dunes. In order to keep communications ...

May 23, 2001: Dust Bowl Threatening China‘s Future
Beijing. These dust storms, coupled with those of ... lawmakers to devise a strategy to combat the dust. News reports typically attribute the dust storms to the drought of the last three ... more soil losses and dust storms. If China cannot quickly arrest the trends of deterioration, the growth of the dust bowl could acquire ... More from this site

Eco-Pros Grasslands and Prairies
The Story of the catastrophic 8-year drought and great dust storms that led to a mass exodus from the Great Plains of ... and a series of major wind storms swept over the Great Plains and the Southwest creating huge smothering dust storms. The soil in the ... to withstand such a long drought period and unusually severe wind storms. The government set up programs to help restore the land, ...

ECO-PROS Site Index
The Dust Bowl - The Story of the catastrophic 8-year drought and great dust storms that led to a mass exodus from the Great Plains ... More from this site

MA Desertification Synthesis
Thick storms rising out of the Gobi Desert ... “An increase in desertification-related dust storms is widely considered to be a cause of ill-health (fever, coughing, sore eyes) during the dry season,” says the report. “Dust emanating from (the ...

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These dust storms, commonly known in the area ... to be inhaled deeply into the lungs. To make matters worse, about 1% of the dust material is arsenic based, and a smaller amount is cadmium. These are both known carcinogens ...

Water in the Solar System
Olympus Mons. But it is thick enough to support very strong winds and vast dust storms that on occasion engulf the entire planet for months. Mars' thin atmosphere produces a greenhouse ... caps exhibit a layered structure with alternating layers of ice with varying concentrations of dark dust. In the northern summer the carbon dioxide completely sublimes, leaving a residual layer of water ...

Restoration of the Mono Basin Ecosystem
Islands where California Gulls nested became peninsulas accessible to predators. Toxic alkali dust storms arose on windy days from exposed salt flats. The numbers of ducks and geese ... and ecological function. Raising the level of the lake will lower its salinity, reduce dust storms and reconnect the lake to springs and deltas. Reinstating stream flows that mimic natural ...

Mono Lake Committee's Defender of the Trust Award
Basin National Forest Scenic Area and later made sure that federal air pollution laws covered dust storms at Mono Lake. Through the Scenic Area, millions of people learned about the importance of ... More from this site

Water crisis looms countrywide
Due to long distance, they have to take rest in the middle of the way. Dust storms aggravate their problem. At some villages water from tubewells is too saline to drink. Even ...

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