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Hidden Villa Kids Start - Meet the Duvenecks #1
Hidden Villa today is the result of the vision and dedication of the Duveneck family. Frank and Josephine Duveneck first saw the Hidden Villa valley in 1924 on a family drive through ... have to say! (click photo) "One of the first things I think about is the Duveneck house and how they made it possible for us to go there. They shared their home ...

Welcome to Hidden Villa
Duveneck House Dana Center Duveneck House Available September through May daily from 8am - 6pm The historic Mediterranean-style Duveneck House offers a large living room with stone fireplace ...

Welcome to Hidden Villa
Hidden Villa. Join us, and see the fall season with new eyes. Space limited. Location: Duveneck House $15.00 per Person Toddlers on the Farm Series Thursday, September 11, 3:00 pm ... More from this site

CGF: Legislative Advocates
Conservation League, Conservationist of the Year from the Peninsula Conservation Center, the Josephine Duveneck Award from the Loma Prieta Chapter of the Sierra Club, and Greenbelt Alliance's ... coastal vistas and endangered agricultural lands, preserve Pescadero Marsh and its fragile watershed, limit house sizes on the South Coast, and support the successful coastal expansion of the Midpeninsula ...