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Kind Planet Why Rabbits Get Spayed and Neutered
Kind Planet Why Rabbits Get Spayed and Neutered Animal Care Spay & Neuter Averting Disaster Though we spay and neuter all Rabbits before they are exposed to members of the opposite sex, the effects of ... as 85% by the age of two. Male Rabbits are also prone to testicular cancer. The danger of these diseases occurring are eliminated by spaying and neutering. Early age pregnancies can be very ...

Frequently Asked Questions
Knouse, who served as the president of PAWS until the early 1990s. The founders of PAWS were concerned about the ... or surgery. For example, the Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Project has free monthly spay and neuter clinics and the NOAH Center spays or neuters ... natural stretching and kneading rituals. They become weaker as they age and may experience debilitating arthritis in their backs and shoulders. ...

PAWS: Resources and Fact Sheets
Spay and Neuter Your Companion Animals What is Spay & Neuter? A spay is the surgical removal of a female animal's reproductive organs so she cannot become pregnant. A neuter ... as possible. Animals, especially cats, can get pregnant as early as five-months-old. For more questions about the ... is the cost? The cost of a spay or neuter surgery depends on the weight, age and gender of your pet, whether ... More from this site

Ferret News #84 - Help Your Ferret Recover From Surgery
Keep ... invasive type surgeries include procedures such as neuter (castration), skin tag or surface cyst removal, ... anesthesia may cause a ferret fed too early to regurgitate and possibly choke or ... of the more common invasive procedures include spay, splenectomy (spleen removal), pancreatic procedures, adrenalectomies, ...

Friends of Animals | Don't Delay — Neuter or Spay
Female cats can go into estrus ('heat') at as young as 4 months. More and more veterinarians are performing early-age spay/ neuter procedures on animals as young as 8 weeks of age, to ensure the animal will never be at risk of accidental pregnancy or able to impregnate. Vets who perform early-age spay/neuter ...

Friends of Animals | Trap, Neuter and Return: A New Ethic Takes Root | Summer 2008
Those found at a few weeks of age can easily adapt to human homes. Yet most such ... dogs when it's made affordable. Between February and early April, the Feral Cat Coalition has used 600 of ... exploitation around the world. Spay/Neuter Certificates Spay/Neuter Certificates: Search for participating veterinarians and purchase low-cost spay/neuter certificates online. More Information? ... More from this site

IDA Campaigns, Unwanted Animals; Overview
Overview Spay/Neuter Ordinances | Boycott Petland! | Animals for Adoption Homeless Animals Each year, in the ... stress of being shipped over great distances at a very young age. Precautionary steps must be taken to prevent more dogs and cats ... helping to end animal homelessness. The American Humane Association has endorsed early neutering prior to adoption as a "feasible solution to decreasing pet ...

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