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Earth Society Foundation
Earth Society Foundation Mission History Earth Day Messages Welcome Honors Mission Statement Earth Flag ESF History Photographs Earth Day Invitation Earth Day Flyer Cities Celebrate President Chairperson Margaret Mead Welcome Join Earth Day Honorees Salute ESF Founders The Earth Society Foundation ...

Mission - Earth Society Foundation
Earth Society Foundation Mission Mission Statement for The Earth Society Foundation The Earth Society Foundation was formed for the following purposes: To provide a coordinating body which will create ... life of Earth. In furtherance of these goals and purposes, the Earth Society Foundation shall: 1) Encourage all people to become active participants in the preservation of the Earth's natural ... More from this site

John McConnell, Founder of Earth Day UNDERSTANDING THE GLOBAL CRISIS AND WHAT TO DO By John McConnell, Earth Day Founder and Chairman Emeritus of the Earth Society Foundation. TRAGIC STATE OF THE WORLD REVEALED ... a call for every one (the whole human family) to act as responsible trustees of Earth. Let every individual and institution now think and act (in their own way) as a ...

Earth Day Past, Present, Future (
Earth. Earth Day’s original purpose is bound to the March Equinox. EARTH SOCIETY FOUNDED To strengthen the mission of Earth Day John McConnell and Margaret Mead established The Earth Society Foundation in 1976. The Foundation ... More from this site

How to study and monitor life on Earth -- a meeting in Washington, D. C., 21-22 February, 2005
Overview Our meeting is to brainstorm a better strategy to study and monitor life on Earth. Society needs a global network to monitor the abundance and movement of species. If we integrate ... Natural History Museum, London Monday International Chuck Lydeard National Science Foundation 703-292-7142 Monday + Tuesday Experts Ed McNierney ed@topozone ...

Books from the Earth Policy Institute - Plan B 2.0: Rescuing a Planet Under Stress and a Civilization in Trouble
Brown, President and Founder of the Earth Policy Institute, a Washington, D.C.-based independent environmental research organization. Although it is obvious that no society can survive the decline of its environmental ... notes in Plan B 2.0, which was produced with major funding from the Lannan Foundation and the U.N. Population Fund. Among the basic commodities—grain and meat in the ...

Reach Out--individuals using Earth Policy Institute books and research
EPI. In Canada, New Society Strategist created a web site using the data tables from ... the Plan B message into its work, making it the foundation for its sustainable energy model. In Israel a reader ... the planet to secular and religious communities.” Earth Policy Institute Email: Books | Eco-Economy Updates | Eco-Economy Indicators ... More from this site

The Canadian Peregrine Foundation -- USA & International home page
Canadian Peregrine Foundation has done in Ontario. We would love to hear about the ... as a great place to live," said Andrew South, of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. "And that has a lot to ... are often described as the fastest birds, if not animals, on earth. Many were culled during the two World Wars to protect carrier ...

Background to Living Earth Nigeria Foundation
Earth Network Environmentally Friendly Shopping Donations Contact Us All photos on this site are copyrighted to Living Earth, unless otherwise stated. Background to Living Earth Nigeria Foundation Living Earth Nigeria Foundation (LENF) is one of Living Earth ... struggle for survival. Conflict and mistrust among different sectors of society: The inequitable distribution of wealth and resources in the ...

Earth Repair and Care Organisations
Mook & Shanto - The Bahloo Tribe Homepage. Earth Repair Foundation, Franklin Scarf. Global Response - Environmental Action and Education Networkempowers people of all ... culture. ECO©÷TERRA International. is the Global Society for ECOlogy and sound ECOnomy, an independent, international civil society organisation (CSO), registered as non-governmental organisation ...

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