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Biodiversity of the East Usambara Mountains
East Usambara Mountains The Eastern Arc mountains are a group of mountains that run in an arc mainly in eastern Tanzania. They begin as the Taita hills in Kenya and end with the Udzungwa mountains ...

Mammals of the East Usambara Mountains
East Usambara Mountains News    |    Directory    |   ...   |    Links Mammals of the East Usambara Mountains While the mammals that occur in the East Usambara mountains are not as large or as diverse as those ... rodents) or fruits (bats) that they feed on. Poster by: N.J. Cordeiro East Usambara Conservation Area Management Programme (EUCAMP) / Amani Nature Reserve At night, the calls ... More from this site

FROGLOG 60 - DAPTF Rapid Response Fund
(University of Florida) to support a rapid assessment of a crisis facing amphibians in the East Usambara Mountains of Tanzania. This important region is currently experiencing a gold rush, with as many as ...

2007 IUCN Red List – 2006 Photo Gallery
Eastern Arc Mountains, Tanzania. It is restricted to the East Usambara, Uluguru and Udzungwa mountains, and the forest areas of all three mountain ranges ... hilltops remain, where no suitable breeding habitats exist. Currently only parts of the East Usambara and the Udzungwa mountains have some kind of protection. The species is currently listed as Vulnerable ...

2007 IUCN Red List – Search
Mountains. Extent of occurrence is less than 20,000 km² and area of occupancy less than 2,000 km². Assessed as Vulnerable in view of its restricted range in the East Usambara ... only parts of the East Usambara and the Udzungwa Mts experience some kind of protection. Geographic Range Range Description: Endemic to the Usambara, Uluguru and Udzungwa Mountains (Eastern Arc Mountains) in Tanzania. ... More from this site

Global Amphibian Assessment Photograph Information
Home Page Leptopelis parkeri (Vulnerable) is a treefrog from the Uluguru, Udzungwa, Usambara, and Pare Mountains of Tanzania, where it is threatened by forest loss. Photo by © David Moyer ... localized occurrence, being very abundant in tiny areas, often of just a few hectares in east-central Madagascar. It does not occur in any protected areas and its remaining habitat is ...

History (1910, chief contributors R Lydekker, Sir H Johnston & Prof JR Ainsworth-Davis) p399: In East Africa the serval inhabits the grassy plains at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, where ... Mountains at 9800 ft (3000 metres) and they have also been reported from Mount Kenya, the Mau Forest, the Cheringani Hills and Kilimanjaro. Melanistic servals are also reported from the Usambara Mountains ...

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