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June 2008 Rod Janssen, Independant consultant: Confessions of a Sinner May 2008 Sunita Narain, Centre for Science and Environment: Change must be championed April 2008 Hans Nilsson, ... need to get rid of incandescent bulbs November 2007 Hans Nilsson, Fourfact: Energy efficiency: Past the tipping point? June 2007 Hans Nilsson, Fourfact: Business magazine heroes today losers of the ...

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Hans Nilsson News Index Why energy efficiency What is eceee Columnists Calendar Updates & press releases eceee's views eceee governance Community news Member database ... eceee. Columns by Hans Nilsson at eceee's website February 2008 Hans Nilsson, Fourfact: 20 % missing: A case for Hercule Poirot? April 2008 Hans Nilsson, Fourfact: Losership instead of leadership November 2007 Hans Nilsson ... More from this site

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