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Appalachian Mountains chapter for Conservation International book on Wilderness
Only connected, intact ecological units can ensure long-term species survival and provide the entire region the array of ecological benefits presently enjoyed, including air and water ... . P. BRATTON, and D. C. DUFFY. 1995. Possible ecological mechanisms for loss of vernal herb diversity in logged eastern deciduous forests. Ecological Applications 5:935-946. MOWAT, F. 1994. ...

NatureServe Explorer - Help Topics
Viewing results for ecological units The results table for an ecological unit search contains the following columns: Browse (Unique ID) indicates whether ...

Coastal Program
All these water and land forms interact as integrated ecological units. Shorelands, dunes, offshore islands, barrier islands, headlands, and freshwater wetlands within estuarine drainages ... ecosystem" also applies to the Great Lakes, where enormous bodies of freshwater play an ecological role similar to oceans. Coastal wetlands are commonly called lagoons, salt marshes or ... - Natural History of Tongariro National Park - New Zealand
Read details... Tramping Thanks to its spectacular volcanic background, to a diversity of landscapes and ecological units, to good tracks ... - Hiking and Tramping in New Zealand's Tongariro National Park
You discover the spectacular volcanic features, the surrounding landscapes, the glacial valleys, the various ecological areas. Round the Mountain Track 3-6 days This sizeable tramping route offers a ... Tongariro National Park Thanks to its spectacular volcanic background, to a diversity of landscapes and ecological units, to good tracks and an excellent network of huts, the park offers superb yet ... More from this site

Data Coverage
Ecological Units: all natural communities and ecological systems thus far defined by NatureServe as part of the International Ecological Classification Standard: Terrestrial Ecological Classifications with ... the United States and adjacent Canada and Mexico for ecological systems. Overview of Species and Ecological Units in NatureServe Explorer All Plant and Animal Records ( ...

Overview of Ecological Communities Data
Ecological Classification Standard, primarily composed at present of the International Vegetation Classification (IVC) and the NatureServe Ecological Systems Classification. For details on this system, see Classification of Standard Ecological Units. The Comprehensive Report for ecological units ... More from this site

Riparian Related Website
Riparian Related Website Crop Tree Management in Riparian Zones D-8220 Riparian and Wetland Studies Ecological Research/Investigations Riparian/Wetlands Links Energy & Environmental Research Center Facts About BLM Lands GATF Northwestern ...

Turbidity Test
Oxygen content of aquatic ecosystems is perhaps the single most important factor in the ecological health. Lower oxygen reduces biodiversity. Many factors including turbidity, affects oxygen content. These include ... same. Record the amount of reagent used. Each milliliter of reagent equals 10 Jackson Turbidity Units (JTU's) if the 50 ml line was used. Each milliliter equals 20 JTU' ... More from this site

Wisconsin's Water Management Units - WDNR
People and Resources Searchable Personnel Directory Water Successes Wisconsin Waters Nonpoint Source Rankings Ecological Landscapes Innovations Education Financial Assistance Announcements Partnerships & Links Consultantīs Corner ... activities of WDNR staff begin and end. These units are referred to as Geographic Management Units (GMUs) Other federal natural resource agencies have delineated ...

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