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ND-HERO Report: Egi Protest against Elf
Egi people by the management of Ponticelli (Nig.) Ltd and Elf Petroleum (Nig) Ltd respectively. Egi Women vehemently oppose this development. (2) Electrification of the whole Egi communities ... EGI WOMEN MOVEMENT "CHARTER OF DEMAND" must be complied with. (9) The EGI WOMEN MOVEMENT hereby demands the redeployment of Mr. A. A. abolarin immediately. (10) The 1993 Agreement between Egi people ...

ERA | Field Report 23
Egi, Ogba Local Government, Bayelsa State From: Felix Tuodolo Date: April 22, 1999 Contents: Setting | Dialogue at Gun Point | People's Demands ... BACK : A TRAIL OF REPRESSION The present brutalization of the Egi people by the military is coming at the heels of ... people in our land. We are a very peaceful people.. THE PEOPLE DEMAND THAT All military personnel be immediately with drawn from Egi ... More from this site

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