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February 16, 2005: China Replacing the United States as World's Leading Consumer (printable)
Nowhere is the explosive growth more visible than in the electronics sector. In 1996 China had 7 million cell phones and the United States had 44 million ...

2003 Spring Conference - Call For Speakers -
P2 Local Government Initiatives International Partnerships Info. Technology The Electronics Sector: Besides recycling efforts what is happening in the prevention field with this sector. Update on special events: Special events will include a ...

Electronics #1 "Environmental Business Portal" Yahoo, Google, MSN ELECTRONICS SECTOR QUICK LINKS Please see the "Sector Overview" and "A Word About Sectors" for a ... sector to accelerate further development including prominent displays of your banner ads please contact us: Profile of the Electronics and Computer Industry Google: Electronics Environment Google: Electronics ...

2003 Mid-Atlantic P2 Conference on High Tech P2 -  
The conference took a unique approach, exploring how pollution prevention can be incorporated into all facets of the life cycle of electronics equipment including ... efficiency efforts in the sector. Other electronic experts who presented at the conference to overwhelmingly favorable reviews included Chris Kent. U.S. EPA PPD Electronics Sector Liaison, Fran McPoland ...

2003 Mid-Atlantic P2 Conference on High Tech P2 - Final Agenda -
Associates, formerly with AT&T Session II: Electronics Manufacturing and Lean P2 approaches - Environmental Management Systems (EMS) approaches within the sector - What has worked and what has not ... include pollution prevention priorities and anticipated objectives for P2 activities for the electronics sector in the Mid-Atlantic region. Closing Remarks: Jeff Burke, Pollution Prevention Coordinator, ... More from this site

Sector Overview
Sector Overview #1 "Environmental Business Portal" Yahoo, Google, MSN SECTOR OVERVIEW QUICK LINKS Agriculture Metal Casting Pharmaceutical Automotive Metal Finishing Printing Chemical Mfg. Mining Pulp/Paper Dry Cleaning Nonferrous Metal Semiconductor Electronics ...

Marine Careers :: Salaries by Employment Sector (Academic)
Salaries by Employment Sector (Academic) This category examines the following sectors: >> Academic/Education Sector >> Industry and Business Sector >> Government Sector Academic/Education Sector Average national salary levels for scientists (by experience) ... General $60,278 $82,129 $118,813 Computer $77,286 $88,075 $111,827 Electronics $73,813 $83,679 $113,228 Mechanical $67,286 $80,143 $107,796 ...

Marine Careers :: Salaries by Employment Sector (Industry + Business)
Employment Sector (Industry + Business) This category examines the following sectors: >> Academic/Education Sector >> Industry and Business Sector >> Government Sector Industry and Business Sector Within the private sector, ... of those positions yielded the following information: Position Employment Sector Location Education/ Experience Salary Seagoing Electronics Eng. Private West B.Sc., 5+ yrs. $50 ... More from this site

Industry > Industries > Electronics and Computer Industry | Browse EPA Topics | US EPA
Sector Programs: Computers and Electronics Provides links to information relating to computers and electronics. Compliance Assistance: Computer / Electronics Information about compliance assistance for the computer and electronics industry. List more recommended EPA Electronics ...

Other Sector Programs | Sector Programs | US EPA
Six subcommittees representing six industries, automobile manufacturing, computers and electronics, iron and steel, metal finishing, petroleum refining, and printing, were formed to address environmental issues facing their specific sector. The subcommittee ... More from this site

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