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Enderby Cattle Breeding Strategy
Links » Join » Contact Enderby Cattle Breeding Strategy One of the Enderby Island cows (Photo by Laura Backus, 2006) A paper entitled Enderby Island Cattle: A Breeding Strategy for Genetic Conservation ... paper, Laura summarizes the Enderby Cattle Project to the present day, and discusses strategies that might be applied for the future survival of this breed. » Enderby Island Cattle: A Breeding ...

Enderby Cattle Today
Projects » Gene Bank » Links » Join » Contact Enderby Cattle Today Update and Photographs of Enderby Cattle All the adult Enderby cattle, with the founding matriarch, Lady, at the back. In the ... Judi Matheson's place, on 21 January 2007.) See also: » Enderby Cattle breed page » Enderby Cattle Rescue Project » Enderby Cattle Breeding Strategy » DNA Studies of Rare Breeds © Copyright » ...

Enderby Cattle Rescue Project.) Many of the Enderby cattle – including Lady – were black and white. They most closely resembled the cattle of the Shetland Islands ... financial support to the Enderby Island Cattle research programme. • » Breeders Directory listing • See also: » Enderby Cattle Today » Enderby Cattle Rescue Project » Enderby Cattle Breeding Strategy » ... More from this site

Projects of the Rare Breeds Conservation Society
Just click on the one for which you want to see details: » Enderby Island Cattle » Enderby Island Rabbits » Large Black (Devon) Pigs » Auckland Island Pigs » Clarence Reserve ...

Save the Albatross
At their only breeding site, they face threats like habitat disturbance from cattle and predation by feral cats. Combined with mortality at sea from longline fisheries, these factors ... pairs remaining in the world*: 6,500 - 7,000 Where do they breed?: Chatham Islands, Enderby Island and South Island (New Zealand) Wingspan: c320 cm Length (beak to tail): 115 cm ...

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